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A New Yacht Promises To Be Fastest & Most Efficient Princess Yet

All things considered, this new yachting class is not only a radical departure from the usual breed of Princess Yachts design, but we can also tell from the little teaser video below, that it is completely a new take on pleasure boating. It’s called, the ‘R Class’, and the first model to take to water will be the R35. 

At 35 feet in total length, this new and fully carbon fibre made yacht is destined to make daring waves at 50 knots by virtue of deploying V8 engines. To achieve this radically new design, the British yachting firm have have partnered with BAR Technologies and Pininfarina to realise this new breed of seafarers.

This new range of yachts will apparently feature the unique Princess Active Foil System (AFS) and with that, deliver the fastest and most efficient Princess boating experience to date. There are however, no actual impressions or images of the new R Class model range but as we understand it, it’s for a good reason. Since it’s an entirely new range from Princess Yachts, we’ve learnt that its exterior profile will reflect the yachting firm’s quest to build some of the most compelling and innovative designs the British brand have ever created.

Brand representatives have noted that progressive new model will feature a fully equipped galley and seating area, with the added flexibility to convert to a generous double berth, further complemented by an ensuite. Still, it will remain true to the brand’s heritage of crafting yachts that are extremely of comfortable, practical and seaworthy, while combining state-of-the-art tech in its making. When will it be launched? There’s a timer that’s ticking its way down on Princess Yachts’ website and at the point of publishing, it shows 116 days, 7 hours and 36 minutes, which means sometime in September 2018.

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