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Dione Schick, Co-founder and Director of BASCO Boating is an emerging name synonymous with innovation and transformation in Singapore’s leisure boating industry. Her journey sees her championing a distinctive approach to boat brokerage in the coastline of the Lion City, offering comprehensive solutions for both boat sellers and buyers alike. In contrast to the conventional ‘sell fast’ ethos, BASCO Boating is embracing an ‘educate first, sell second’ model, aiming to enhance the boat dealership experience by prioritising knowledge, integrity, and community needs. 

Intriguingly, Dione’s enchantment with boating unfurled through a serendipitous twist. What had commenced as a mere intention to flip her Princess 56 Flybridge, metamorphosed into an unanticipated, heartwarming saga of five profound years. It was a journey, not just on the waters, but through time, as every wave that lapped against the hull etched joyful memories into the tapestry of her family’s life.

That inaugural night spent on the vessel birthed an unforeseen odyssey. Five years – a span that defied expectations – became the canvas upon which Dione’s family painted memories of laughter, togetherness, and the deep connection forged by the rhythm of the sea. The allure of living on the water was irresistible; it became a way of life that enveloped them in its embrace.

Before sailing into the entrepreneurial waters, Dione spent 15 years navigating the corporate landscape of Singapore. Then came the leap of faith. Alongside her husband, she co-founded BASCO, a company that would reshape the industry she had grown so fond of. This venture birthed Asia Pacific’s largest platform for buying and selling boats online, redefining the boat brokerage business with an emphasis on education, digital marketing, and tech innovation.

Dione donned the hats of Director and Chief Revenue Officer at BASCO, wielding her skills and experience to secure not one, but two grants for six-figure projects from Enterprise Singapore in 2020 and 2021. Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to pushing boundaries have marked her as a true builder in the industry. BASCO’s approach is far-reaching. The ‘educate first, sell second’ philosophy counters the conventional impulsive sales strategy, aligning with a commitment to elevate the buyer’s journey. By bridging the information gap often left by traditional dealers, BASCO empowers prospective buyers with insight, paving the way for informed decisions.

As Singapore’s boating industry witnessed a boom, the scales tipped, leaving the market with more sellers than eager buyers. This disparity was the catalyst for BASCO Boating’s innovative move. The introduction of BoatSellPro™, their digital boat brokerage platform, has redefined the landscape, making selling boats not only convenient but also hassle-free.

Think ‘PropertyGuru’, but for boats. 

What sets BoatSellPro™ apart is its comprehensive approach. It offers in-house advertising for boat sellers, a smart marketing programme that sets them apart in an otherwise crowded marketplace. The platform employs a fee structure tied to successful sales, ensuring the interests of the seller and the platform are aligned.

When you sell your boat, there are a lot of questions like, what is the boat worth, what is the best pricing strategy and how long will it take to sell the boat. BASCO’s BoatSellPro™ solution can help you with all of that. We’ll take care of all of the planning, pricing and promotion. This means that boat owners don’t have to worry about anything except selling their boat. We’ll make sure every boat sale project goes smoothly, so that boat owners can focus on getting the best possible price for their boats,” said Schick.

Dione’s vision for the leisure boating industry doesn’t stop at innovation and tech-driven solutions. It’s about transforming the entire experience, from the first spark of interest to the moment a boat changes hands. Her journey stands as a beacon of inspiration for those who dare to challenge norms and craft their own narrative.

As we sail into the future, Dione Schick and BASCO Boating serve as a testament to the immense power of marrying passion with innovation. Through a story etched in water, this dynamic entrepreneur has proven that sometimes, the most remarkable journeys are the ones we didn’t plan for. In the world of boats and dreams, Dione is steering her own course, leaving ripples of change in her wake.

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