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The Falcon 8X Impresses At Switzerland.

The Dassault Falcon 8X continues to demonstrate its aviation prowess, further establishing its position as the flagship of the Falcon fleet.

The Falcon 8X, which is a large cabin aircraft was recently filmed making precision pin-point perfect landings at two high elevation airports: The Gstaad Airport and the Les Eplatures Airport in Switzerland.The feat was akin to the precision and agility required of a Swiss Watchmaker two bare hands.

Both these airports feature short and challenging runways. It was particularly challenging for Gstaad due to its location, which is situated in a valley surrounded by high mountainous terrains. For Les Eplatures, the challenge comes in the form of the runway length – measuring only 3,458 feet (1,054 m) – available for landing.

We let you be the judge of the Falcon 8X aeronautic prowess by watching the Falcon 8X land in these 2 challenging airports using only two thirds of the runway.

Visuals: Dassault Falcon

Video: Dassault Falcon

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