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In the hushed reverence of the moment, I cradled the glass. Inside, a luminous pool of amber awaited, catching light in swirling eddies like a mesmerising dance, transforming the simple teardrop vessel into a radiant jewel. This wasn’t just any whiskey; it was a Glenfiddich, a single malt Scotch renowned for its smooth character and rich heritage. 

On this night, however, the focus wasn’t merely about a brand, it was a front-row seat to time’s grand alchemy. The Time Re:Imagined collection, a breathtaking trio of expressions aged 30, 40, and a staggering 50 years, promised a journey of flavour not just through geography, but through the essence of time.

We only had the good fortune of being granted a taste of the 30-year expression in the Glenfiddich Time Re:Imagined collection. While the knowledge of its older siblings, the 40 and 50-year whiskies, lingered tantalisingly out of reach. 

The first sip was a revelation, a sensory explosion that defied immediate categorization. A powerful tang hit my tongue first, heavy and almost indescribable in its swiftness. It was as if the marination of 30 years with its wood casks had concentrated the flavours so deeply, leaving little room for initial parsing. But beneath this initial punch, a symphony began to emerge upon a second sip – a deep, oaky base intertwined with delicate floral notes, all harmonised by a warm, honeyed finish. 

As I sat silently after that night’s tasting, my focus was zeroed in on meticulously dissecting the flavours, etching each note and nuance into memory for the express purpose of sharing this experience with you now. But as I am translating the encounter into words, a wave of sentiment washes over me. The expression I’ve savoured wasn’t just older than me; it was a tangible bridge to a bygone era, a decadent encounter with history brought forth through the passage of time, rebirthed into this very present moment today.


The theme of time, which initially presented itself as a well-worn concept, now reveals its profound layers. This wasn’t merely about a spirit; it was a provocative journey, a conversation whispered across decades. The wood casks, imbued with the stories of seasons past, had patiently imparted its wisdom to the young spirit, a dialogue forged by three decades of silent slumber.

This, they say, is the essence of Suspended Time in the Glenfiddich Time Re:Imagined collection. The Malt Master’s artistry lies in capturing the spirit at this precise moment, when its interaction with the cask has reached a pinnacle of complexity. It’s a testament to the delicate balance between patience and precision, resulting in a spirit that is both timeless and deeply evocative.

As I savoured the lingering sweetness, I couldn’t help but wonder about the other two members of this prestigious collection. Brian Kinsman, the Glenfiddich Malt Master, speaks of “special casks that have aged much longer than anticipated.” These weren’t simply aged whiskies; they were anomalies, testaments to the unpredictable enchantments that time and craftsmanship can weave together.

Glenfiddich 40 Year Old: Cumulative Time

The 40-year-old expression, based on the tasting notes, promised an even deeper exploration. Layers of dried fruits, dark chocolate, and roasted coffee hinted at a richer, more complex experience. One could almost imagine the spirit basking in the warmth of the cask for four long decades, absorbing the essence of wood and time. Hints of smoke and leather adds a touch of intrigue, a hint of the changing seasons it had witnessed.

Here, the depth of character present in the 40-year spirit is the result of Glenfiddich’s mastery of “remnant vatting.” In this process, unlike a traditional single malt where each batch is kept separate, they carry forward a portion of a previous batch when creating a new one. These “remnants” are then married with freshly matured whiskey, layering flavours that builds upon itself year after year. With time, the essence of the whiskey deepens, reaching a level of complexity that can only be described as decadent. Hence, the 40-year is indeed a successful expression of Glenfiddich’s philosophy of Cumulative Time

Glenfiddich 50: Simultaneous Time

The 50-year-old, the crown jewel of the collection, painted a picture of pure luxury. The antique gold colour spoke of a spirit burnished by half a century. The initial burst of citrus and sweetness was said to give way to a smooth, oaky finish, a testament to the delicate balance achieved over such a long period. Imagine the subtle changes the whiskey must have undergone year after year, decade after decade, with each whisper of Speyside air, each shift in temperature through a legion of seasons, leaving its mark on the maturing of its character. This is the embodiment of Glenfiddich’s Simultaneous Time philosophy. Unlike the 30-year-old, which captures a specific moment in its maturation journey, the 50-year-old expression tells a much longer story.

With only 220 bottles produced in its first release, the 50-year-old is the rarest of the Time Re:Imagined expressions. Even the packaging reflects its unique character. The tri-corner bottle sits nestled within a bespoke 3D cylindrical sculpture, its structure a digital map of 50 years of climatic data—humidity, temperature and air pressure from the Speyside region. It’s a testament to the artistry and innovation that went into creating this remarkable expression.

Tasting just the 30-year-old was a privilege, but the thought of the 40 and 50-year expressions filled me with a curious blend of reverence and a pinch of wistfulness. These were more than just whiskies; they were time capsules, each holding a story waiting to be uncorked. When it’s all said and done, these are artistic spirits reserved for the fortunate few to come. 

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