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In the world of luxury aviation, where the sky knows no limits, VistaJet is set to make this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival an unforgettable experience. As the moon ascends to its full glory, VistaJet invites its esteemed members to embark on a celestial journey like no other. Picture this: a full moon, a private jet at 45,000 feet, and an array of festive surprises to celebrate the richness of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

A Journey to Cultural Heritage

The Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrated with zeal across Asia, is steeped in cultural heritage. It symbolizes unity, family bonds, and the appreciation of the bountiful harvest. This year, VistaJet is bringing this cherished tradition to the skies, allowing its passengers to connect with their roots while soaring above the clouds.

For VistaJet, every detail matters, especially when it comes to in-flight dining. Renowned chefs and Michelin-starred restaurants have crafted a culinary masterpiece that pays homage to the Mid-Autumn Festival’s gastronomic delights. Onboard, VistaJet Members will be treated to mooncakes specially designed for VistaJet by Shangri-La Singapore, these mooncakes are a testament to the meticulous attention given to flavor and tradition. Each bite is a journey through centuries of culture, as Revered Pu Er Tea harmoniously dances with premium ingredients and fewer sugars.

As the full moon graces the night sky, VistaJet has crafted an enchanting experience for families. The “Full Moon on Board” initiative, an extension of VistaJet’s Adventure in the Sky program, will turn the cabin into a playground of wonder, discovery, and togetherness. Imagine crafting delicate paper lanterns that cast a warm, mysterious glow as you sail through the night. Decorating mooncakes that honor lunar legends, diving into the rich tapestry of celestial folklore, and embracing the magic of storytelling. This activity hamper is more than just entertainment; it’s a gateway to cultural wonders, fostering connections and memories that will span generations.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. VistaJet’s fully interactive workshop will turn cabins into playrooms and party venues, unveiling the extraordinary tale of the Jade Rabbit. Passengers will craft bunny ears, meet Rabbit and Fox, and take on a series of challenges with a multi-lingual, nanny-trained cabin crew, including Chinese-speaking crew members. Once the mission is accomplished, a UV moon disco will come alive to celebrate and dance under the moonlight.

Full Moon On Board

High-altitude dining presents a unique challenge, one that VistaJet has mastered to perfection. With the pressurized air cabin altering how food feels in the mouth, each meal is meticulously prepared for fine dining in the skies. Departing from Singapore, passengers can enjoy the Michelin-starred dining onboard, complete with handcrafted mooncakes and sparkling tea mocktails, unique recipes created exclusively for VistaJet by Fortnum & Mason.

Bellini Vista and Night Flight, the sparkling tea mocktails, offer a feast for the senses. Bellini Vista, with its berry notes and dry edge, pairs perfectly with the mooncakes, creating a symphony of flavors. Night Flight, with its ripe fruitiness and herbal, savory fragrance, balances the sharp and edgy notes of mooncakes, leaving passengers with a memorable gastronomic experience.

For those dining at Hong Kong’s 181 Fortnum & Mason Restaurant, VistaJet offers complimentary festive mocktails, allowing passengers to savor the culinary delights while admiring the iconic Victoria Harbour skyline.

Where the World Beckons

This Mid-Autumn Festival, whether you’re on a short-haul flight to visit family or embarking on an exotic holiday, VistaJet’s fleet of over 360 aircraft stands ready to whisk you away to any destination, at any time. VistaJet believes in celebrating culture, traditions, and togetherness, ensuring that its passengers experience not just luxury in the skies, but the magic of cultural connection.

In a world that’s ever-changing, VistaJet brings a touch of the past, a dash of the present, and the promise of unforgettable memories. So, as you gaze upon the full moon this Mid-Autumn Festival, remember that VistaJet is taking the essence of this cherished celebration to new heights—45,000 feet above, to be exact.

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