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Dassault Aviation has achieved a monumental milestone with the recent award of both the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certifications for its cutting-edge Falcon 6X aircraft. This achievement marks the culmination of an intensive two-year-long test campaign that spanned the globe, amassing 1,500 flight hours. The certifications underscore not only Dassault’s unwavering commitment to safety but also its dedication to reshaping the future of business aviation.

The type certification process, meticulously navigated by Dassault, offers a deeper understanding of the significance of this achievement. The four-step process entails technical familiarization and certification basis establishment, the definition of the certification program, the demonstration of compliance, and finally, the technical closure and issuance of approval. Each step involves rigorous assessments, analysis, and inspections to ensure that the aircraft meets and surpasses the stringent safety standards set by the aviation regulatory authorities.

Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation, commented, “The certification of the Falcon 6X is a remarkable milestone for Dassault Aviation. We would like to recognize the EASA and FAA certification teams for their commitment in this demanding process and our customers for their confidence.” Trappier’s acknowledgment underscores the collaborative effort required to attain this significant achievement.

What does this double certification mean for the Falcon 6X and the world of business aviation at large?

Well, in short, It signifies a new era of excellence, innovation, and safety. The Falcon 6X, renowned for being the most spacious, advanced, and versatile twinjet in the long-range business jet segment, has now been officially endorsed as meeting the stringent safety requirements mandated by the EASA and FAA. This endorsement not only instills confidence in potential buyers and passengers but also underscores Dassault’s position as a frontrunner in aircraft design and manufacturing.

Furthermore, the Falcon 6X emerges as the first brand new business jet to adhere to the latest regulations, marking a groundbreaking stride toward enhancing the safety and security of all new aircraft. The meticulous compliance demonstration process, involving exhaustive analysis and ground testing, ensures that the aircraft is not only innovative but also exceptionally safe to operate.

The Falcon 6X’s range of 5,500 nautical miles (approximately 10,200 kilometers) sets a new standard for the long-range business jet category. This achievement is a testament to Dassault’s fusion of business and fighter aircraft expertise, creating an unparalleled blend of range, passenger comfort, and mission flexibility.

Beyond its technical prowess, the Falcon 6X’s recognition with prestigious design awards, including the Red Dot Award and the International Yacht & Aviation Award, solidifies its status as a masterpiece of engineering and aesthetic refinement.

In conclusion, the dual EASA and FAA certifications mark a turning point for Dassault’s Falcon 6X, propelling it into the echelons of top-tier business aviation offerings. This achievement reflects Dassault’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, safety, and comfort in aviation. As the Falcon 6X takes flight and enters service, it does so with the weight of these certifications, embodying the pinnacle of excellence in modern business aviation.

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