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New Pershing Marks Entry Into A New Design & Manufacturing Era.

The official launch of the Pershing 140 in late February 2019 at Ferretti Group Superyacht Yard in Ancona, Italy, marks the brand’s entry into the superyacht sector. With the official launch, the new Pershing 140 stands as the brand’s new flagship and the first Pershing to be manufactured in aluminium.

This project is the result of the 3 way collaboration between architect Fulvio De Simoni, the Ferretti Group Product Strategy Committee (led by engineer Piero Ferrari), and the Group’s Engineering Department.

Maintaining Pershing’s philosophy of unequalled performance, the Pershing 140’s hull platform was specifically designed for high performance, featuring excellent hydrodynamic capabilities at high speeds. This is albeit the superyacht class weights and dimensions which are totally different. The Pershing 140 has an option of 4 MTU 16V2000 M96L engines, each of 2,600 HP, delivering the first 43.30 meter LOA Pershing superyacht to top speeds of 38 knots (cruising speeds at 35 knots). Ensuring the maximum wellbeing and comfort, the new 140-footer is equipped with 3 Seakeeper 35.

With the new Pershing 140, the brand has created a few firsts within their belts. The Pershing 140 is the first to feature a raised cockpit directly connected to the sun deck. It is also the first to have an owner-dedicated area on the main deck and the first to maximise the enjoyability of all the decks and outdoor areas which is made possible by connecting the areas via a beach club area that is expandable thanks to the three fold-out sides.

On overall style, the new flagship is emblematic of the brand’s sporty and competitive character – sporting sleek lines combined with iconic details and design innovations of the brand. Of such iconic details on the new Pershing 140 are the two lateral wings which are integrated into its superstructure, and then connected at the start of the walkways to the gunwale. Further enhancing its sleekness and accentuating the streamlined design aesthetic is the area of the bow moorings which is concealed.

The new Pershing 140’s interior can be tailored and designed by their owners to suit their style – and this customisation is assisted by the designers of the Studio Fulvio De Simoni Firm and by the Project Architects of the Superyacht Yard of Ferretti Group.

Main Deck

The new Pershing 140 features an original layout at the aft section. Configured as a raised cockpit that becomes a mezzanine level, the aft area of the new Pershing 140 is essentially a large accessible waterside space that rises from the water up to the sun deck in unison. This design produces a vast towering waterside beach club which is easily accessible and furnish able with stills, chairs and freestanding pieces. The garage area is large enough to accomodate both a Williams 565 tender and a jet ski – both launched and hauled by opening the two side hatches on the port side.

Around the cockpit, the mezzanine is designed for privacy where the slightly elevated sunbathing area protects the cockpit lounge (further front towards the bow just after the sunbathing area) against intrusive looks. The cockpit lounge is furnished with a table which sits 10 people and both sides of this area is further protected by large glass panels installed on the topsides. This area is primarily designed to guarantee utmost comfort, one which possesses all the benefits of the outdoors ambiance, but yet maintaining the privacy.

The cockpit, which is organised into two primary areas: first the living area, followed by the dining area, is designed as an open space with access to natural light. The central area of the main deck leads to the crew quarters on one side, and to the owner’s suite on the other side.

On the port side (left), starting at the external walkway, a door placed at the start of the walkway opens onto the stairs leading down to the area below decks, which accommodates the kitchen and the crew quarters. Continuing the passageway ushers into the cockpit or into the day toilet. This area also hosts the master cabin.

On the starboard side (right), walking towards the bow, you will first come to a hallway where stairs lead down to the guest suites. Proceeding further, you will enter the dining area before the owner’s quarters – which is a grand full beam owner’s private suite. Options are provided for modification and decoration at will. For the first Pershing 140 unit, the owner has decided to change the quarters into an entertainment room fitted with sofas, seats, tables and a big TV screen. The standard plan for this section caters for a double bed, a walk-in closet on the left-hand side and a parlour on the right with magnificent view. Closer to the head of the bow is a large bathroom, fitted with a shower separated from the bathtub, as well as the toilet and bidet on the two topsides.

Lower Deck

The lower deck is arranged into 4 sections (from aft to bow), namely the garage, the engine room, the crew quarters, and the independent (with own separate access) guest suites.

Starting with the guest suites, the Pershing 140 accommodates for four comfortable guest suites – 2 of which have double beds with the other 2 having twin beds, all with their own closet and en suite bathroom.

The crew area was also designed for comfort. This area houses 4 crew rooms all with a private bathroom. After walking through a lobby, the staff can access a large kitchen to the left, separated from the dinette by a door on the right. From the lobby, the crew can also have direct access to the engine room and to the garage.

Sundeck And Bow Area

The upper deck of the Pershing 140 is conceived as a spacious panoramic terrace entirely furnishable with freestanding pieces. It can be accessed by walking up from the mezzanine deck or from the raised cockpit. The latter is connected to the second control station for cases of wanting to steer the flagship outdoors. Privacy assured within this central section, and protected by an aluminium hard-top, the upper deck is perfect for entertaining as it hosts a bar and grill area, a total-relaxation area with a sun pad, and exclusively on the first unit, a projector and screen (both removable) with fixed loudspeakers.

The ample forward outdoor spaces only accessible through the lateral walkways, offer an area with a large sun pad just before a full-fledged concealed lounge equipped with a Jacuzzi, an inset dinette with two seats, a table and a sunbathing area. This area is only revealed when the yacht is anchored or moored. During navigation, it is covered by a sliding platform, thus contributing to the streamlined sleekness of the external lines. The arrangement of this private area, as well as many others, can be completely tailored to the owner’s tastes.

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