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The Singleton Glen Ord Genting

How does one resist the invitation to sample some rare malt, especially when it’s from The Singleton? What an experience it was to get to know the Glen Ord up-close and personal.

The Singleton of Glen Ord’s Forgotten Drop Series. That’s what brought a good company of us up to Genting Highlands earlier to savour the annual release drawn from the brand’s rarest and most precious whiskies. The series are whiskies re-discovered from extremely rare casks that showcase the signature rich distillery character. The 2017 annual release is The Singleton of Glen Ord 41-Year-Old, a limited 600 bottles made available worldwide, with only 24 bottles commissioned for Malaysia, retailing at RM 15,193.00 per bottle. Our party finished one mind you, so that’s 23 left, if not lesser by the time you read this.
The Singleton of Glen Ord 41-Year-Old is bottled at cask strength with 49.9% ABV to allow connoisseurs to dive into the pure character of this rare batch of old casks. It definitely has a rare expression whose complex and depth of taste gives off a fine balance and smoothness, for which The Singleton of Glen Ord is apparently known for. There is also rich tropical fruit aroma and bountiful hints of oak, besides the smoothness.

Another part of this rare malt experience, The Singleton of Glen Ord also had us to sample its 18-Year-Old Cask Strength, also a limited edition bottling which celebrates the distillery’s 180th anniversary. It is bottled at cask strength with 58.4% ABV that creates a less spicy flavour, with aromas of walnuts and polished antique oak, followed by gingery and honeyed sweetness with rich fruity notes. Much like the 41-year old, this single malt Scotch whisky is only made available in selected markets with a friendlier starting price of RM 624.00.

“As one of the largest selling Single malt brand in Malaysia as per the latest IWSR report 2016, The Singleton of Glen Ord whiskies are well-known for its distinct notes of dark berries and are crafted to be an instant favourite that is perfectly balanced, rich and smooth to the finish. We believe that the launch of these new limited-edition series will continue to cater to the rising demands for single malt whiskies while we strive to create more enjoyable experiences for single malt whisky enthusiasts,” shared Rajesh Joshi, Marketing Director of Moët Hennessy Diageo Malaysia, during the refined evening held at The Olive at Genting Resort.

The Singleton of Glen Ord range stands as a favourite not only among Malaysians’ taste buds, its rich and smooth taste has received multiple international recognition, including bagging three Gold awards under the Taste category for The Singleton 12-Year-Old, 15-Year-Old and 18 Year Old in the highly accredited International Spirits Challenge 2017. If you must know, this Singleton of Glen Ord range can be purchased nationwide at all authorized distributors. Otherwise, you can get in touch with someone from MHD Malaysia at [email protected].

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