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Fresh off their triumph at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, where Archicam snagged the coveted title of Best Luxury Villa Architecture in 2023 for their Khmer Farmhouse Villa project in Cambodia, the Awards’ team had a sit down for an exclusive interview with the visionary CEO, Unnpheng Puthvisal. As a leading force in reshaping Cambodia’s evolving architectural narrative, Puthvisal shares his unique insights, offering a captivating glimpse into the dynamic transformation of the nation’s urban landscape. Join us as we delve into the inspirations behind his visionary creations.

The Luxurious Khmer Farmhouse Villa: Cultivating Elegance

Archicam’s recent victory in the Best Luxury Villa Architecture category left us intrigued about the inspiration behind the Khmer Farmhouse Villa. Unnpheng Puthvisal shared that the project was a harmonious blend of nature and culture. The owning family’s love for living close to nature became the driving force. The vision unfolded on a 2-hectare canvas, weaving Khmer culture seamlessly into the landscape. A sculpted wall narrating Cambodia’s agricultural story, a signature Khmer roof, and a contemporary design tailored to the owner’s needs made it a masterpiece.

Archicam’s Global Mission: Shaping Cambodia’s Architecture

Archicam, with its mission to showcase Cambodia’s modern architecture globally, finds new momentum with the recent award. Puthvisal sees it as a collective journey with other architecture firms, shaping Cambodia’s architecture and inspiring locals to deepen their architectural understanding.

I am immensely grateful for this amazing award. I also want to express my appreciation to the project owner, whose support was crucial in making this project a reality,” Puthvisal remarks. “Winning this award serves as both encouragement and a starting point for Archicam. It marks the beginning of a journey we undertake not alone, but alongside other architecture firms sharing similar goals and missions.

Challenges and Triumphs in Cambodian Luxury Villa Design

Designing luxury villas in Cambodia comes with unique challenges, Unnpheng shared. Integrating the traditional Khmer Roof posed challenges, but modern alternatives provided practical solutions. The commitment to local talent at Archicam, he believes, contributes significantly to project success.

Archicam’s Impact on Cambodia’s Urban Aesthetics

With a portfolio of prestigious projects, Puthvisal sees each Archicam project contributing to Cambodia’s urban aesthetics. The Khmer Farmhouse project, spanning 2 hectares, visibly enhances the city’s landscape, integrating Khmer culture into modern settings.

From my perspective, architects commonly draw inspiration from their culture and history for their creative ideas and concepts. However, the ability to generate a new concept from an existing idea, while retaining the essence of the original inspiration, is crucial,” Puthvisal asserts.

Archicam’s portfolio also includes a range of other prestigious projects. Puthvisal confidently believes that all of the firm’s projects significantly impact Cambodia’s urban aesthetics in some way. This impact is dependent on the nature of the project and its societal significance.

Honors and the Legion of Honor: A Source of Pride

Unnpheng Puthvisal expressed pride in Archicam’s recognition by His Majesty with the Legion of Honor. He views it as motivation to strive harder, enhance Khmer Architecture’s prominence globally, and foster international collaborations.

Being honored by His Majesty is a true source of pride and honor for us,” he says. “It serves as a reminder that this recognition is a result of our hard work and significant contributions to the field of architecture.”

Sustainable Luxury: Archicam’s Commitment

Puthvisal is of the opinion that the trend and extensive popularity of sustainable architecture stems from society’s realization that our progress has often come at the cost of natural resources, leading to substantial pollution, especially in the construction sector.

In the realm of sustainability, Archicam actively contributes by incorporating water elements, tree planting, and green spaces in projects. Puthvisal emphasizes their commitment to conserving energy and reducing environmental impact by designing buildings that utilize natural light and ventilation systems. 

Client Satisfaction without Compromising Design Integrity

Balancing unique client demands with design integrity is an art at Archicam. Puthvisal stressed the importance of guiding clients, earning their trust, and collaborating as a team to ensure successful project completion. Although each client has their own unique requirements and demands, as architects, he believes that it is their job to guide the right path in fulfilling these needs. 

Future Trends: Seamless Integration of Technology and Quality

Looking ahead, Puthvisal foresees technology and a pursuit of the finest quality shaping luxury villa architecture. He believes the next generation of luxury villas will seamlessly integrate technology and high-quality design. 

Long-Term Aspirations for Archicam

As the CEO of Archicam, Puthvisal’s long-term goal is to unite with dedicated Khmer architects, promoting Khmer architecture globally. Embracing research, innovation, and leveraging global advancements, they aim to expand the potential of Khmer Architecture, honoring the legacy laid by senior architects in the ’60s.

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