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The awe-inspiring Patina Maldives located in the exquisite Fari Islands is truly a sight to behold. Fashioned by Studio MK27, the resort encapsulates a dreamy oasis where refined architecture fuses beautifully with nature. Delicate designs, subtle architectural lines, and structures that amplify the environment’s allure is a truly winsome manifestation of the firm’s vision. Confluence of comfort, aesthetics and a profound respect for nature is what makes the Patina Maldives a championing project for the studio.

Rooted in São Paulo, the bustling heart of Brazil, Studio MK27 was conceived in the late 70s by the renowned architect Marcio Kohan. Kogan, the founding director as well as the mentor of the studio’s team, holds esteemed positions in the AIA, Politecnico di Milano, MASP, and MUBE. Moreover, awards such as “Wallpaper’s  150 Famous for 15 Years” and the 39th position in Dezeen’s Hot List 2017 is merely the tip of the iceberg of his many accomplishments. 

The devoted team, led by a quartet of directors, have brought on a refreshing take on modernism to the global stage, capturing hearts with their signature simplicity, profound attention to detail, and illustrious designs. 

Their recent magnum opus, the Patina Maldives, champions environmental conservation with initiatives like zero-waste kitchens, marine plastic recycling, and coral projects. Partnering with the Olive Ridley Project underscores its marine conservation commitment. The resort aspires to generate 50% of its energy from solar power by 2030, further emphasizing on sustainable construction, biodegradable materials, and an anti-plastic approach. 

For these zealous proclivities and undertakings, Studio MK27 has been crowned as the winner of the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the Best Luxury Resort Architecture category. For a closer look at the fusion of luxury and nature that is the Patina Maldives, or to learn more about the studio’s distinctive design philosophies, visit them by clicking this link here.

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