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At MYR 455,000, Is The Updated 2019 Porsche Macan A Good Proposition?

Fresh, thrilling, exciting. 3 words that came to mind in describing Porsche’s success story of recent time, a success story of which exists in the form of a compact crossover Sports Utility Vehicle. The Porsche Macan, since its inception in 2014 had swept the hearts of many, so much so that in the span of 5 short years, Porsche had delivered more than 350,000 units of the Porsche Macan, making it Porsche’s best selling model at the close of 2018.  

Not too long back, Sime Darby Auto Performance had presented me with the opportunity to try the base model (with a little extras) of the updated 2019 Porsche Macan for a day. Unveiled in June of 2019 here in Malaysia, the refreshed Porsche Macan is priced at MYR 455,000 before registration, road tax and insurance but inclusive of a four-year warranty and free maintenance package which includes parts and labour for a better peace of mind.

What makes the updated Porsche Macan a value proposition though is the inclusion of the Porsche Premium Package as standard option without any increase in the retail price of MYR 455,000. This package was previously an add-on option costing an additional MYR 26,739 for 9 items that included power steering plus, mechanical roll-up sunblinds for the rear side windows, automatic dimming mirrors, front and rear ParkAssist that includes reverse camera, comfort lighting package, BOSE Surround Sound system, Apple CarPlay including SIRI voice control, floor mats and front 14-way electric power seats with memory.

Aesthetically, the updated Porsche Macan’s exterior remains largely unchanged. At the front, minimal changes has been made. New are the headlights, which now sports a sharper shade and features four LED running lights versus its predecessor. The front bumper now features slightly enlarged corner air intakes with turn signals incorporated into the bottom versus the top of its predecessor. At the rear however is where the prominent design tweaks can be seen. The taillights, featuring a three-dimensional LED light panel, now stretches across the entire rear, a design element employed by the new Cayenne, the new Panamera and the new 911.

Generally, the aesthetic changes are subtle, but the updated Porsche Macan undoubtedly still turned heads when I drove around – what more, in a unit with an understated Volcano Grey Metallic colour. There are four new colour offerings from Porsche, two of which are in my opinion, uber-fresh – the Mamba Green Metallic and Miami Blue. My pick would have been the Miami Blue. The overall design simply oozes youthfulness, and sportiness, and these traits combined with the brand’s stature of heritage (sports-car) and opulence, further elevates the desire within the new generation of youth.

In the interior, the main change is visible at the centre dashboard, where a 10.9 inches full-HD touchscreen display now sits in replacement of the previous 7.2 inches unit. The air conditioning vents are now repositioned below the 10.9 inches full-HD touchscreen display. Optional in this particular base unit that I’ve tested is the sport chrono package which includes the GT sports steering wheel incorporating an integrated sport response button. This “pleasure” button to me is compulsory for that short burst of Gs – essentially placing a wide smile to your face instantaneously. At an additional MYR 5,445, it is a worthwhile spend in keeping that smile every time the Macan is driven.

As for the quality and build of the interior, suffice to say that Porsche doesn’t disappoint, with every touch and feel of the interior being on-point, solid and premium. The size of the interior remains unchanged, where it is ample at the front for adults. As for the rear, it is satisfactory for 2 adults measuring below 170cm in height. It is however in my opinion, best suited for children below the age of 17 at the rear. Taking into consideration space, it is hence my opinion that the Porsche Macan is best suited for youths and small families with 2 children aged below 17.

The updated Porsche Macan is powered by the same 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine of its predecessor, delivering 252 hp with a maximum torque of 370Nm. It is mated with a 7-gear PDK dual-clutch gearbox transferring all the power to all four wheels via the intelligent Porsche Traction Management (PTM) system. The century sprint of this Macan clocks in at 6.7 seconds, and it takes you all the way to a top speed of 225 km/h.  

The drive of this particular base model Macan (with slight optional add-ons) inspires confidence (in sports mode) as opposed to many other crossovers/SUVs in the market today. Porsche hinted that while most aspects within the performance details of the updated Porsche Macan remains unchanged, some tweaks had actually been incorporated to the handling aspect of the updated Macan. Adding to this, perhaps the optional air suspension with self-levelling function and ride-height adjustment and Porsche’s Active Suspension Management (PASM) system coupled with the optional 21-inch sport classic wheels which this unit was fitted with, had roles to play in boosting that confidence further while negotiating bends of the infamous Genting climb at quick enough speeds. 

While it was lovely at taking bends accurately, and sticking like glue to the tarmac, the ride feel could be a little bit on the stiff side, compromising just a tad bit of comfort when travelling on highways in sports mode. But thanks to that mode switch button, this minor comfort set-back can easily be solved by switching the setting back to normal setting. Personally, I’d just stay on Sports Mode, as I’m still young (or young at heart or simply just Young – sorry for the pun) and longing for every bit of excitement. Moreover, sticking in normal mode makes the Macan feel dull and uneager to pounce.  

​ A Porsche wouldn’t be as much of a Porsche without the optional Porsche sports exhaust system (this demo test unit did not come with one), which in my opinion is highly recommended for that added acoustics which satisfies the drivers emotions. After all, if you have seen the Porsche advertisements, much has to do with stirring up these emotions.

Nippy, zippy, fun were the results from having ample power, and superb handling. Characteristics which in the norm could only be found in a car and now, the updated 2019 Porsche Macan. At MYR 455,000, the updated Porsche Macan is no doubt a fine proposition for the brand value it carries and its offerings in terms of performance, handling and build quality. Moreover, being crowned Porsche’s best selling model at the close of 2018 – even better than the 911 – says it all. 

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