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Nothing But 911

The GT3 RS is a model line that has always had a cult following not just among Porsche devotees, but from all purists from the automotive realm. It’s one of those cars that actually makes good on its “from track to road” billing. That is why this new 911 GT3 RS is a big deal. The video below from Porsche will do most of the talking, but it’s good to know at a glance what the new wolf from Stuttgart has to offer:

It demolishes the  0-100 sprint in 3.2 seconds, a whole 0.2 seconds faster than its already iconic predecessor, the 997 GT3 RS, which needed 3.4 seconds thereabouts to complete the same feat. This has a lot to do with refined aerodynamics as a whole on 2018’s 911 GT3 RS, but much of it is as always, expressed from an ingenious flat-six engine. In this case, a beefed up naturally aspirated, 4-litre flat-six engine that houses 520 German thoroughbreds. That’s a 20 hp increase from the previous model. This engine, built based on the 911 GT3 from last year, allows a speed range reaching up to 9,000 rpm. Top speed? 312 km/h.

But it’s enough of words. Check out the video below from Porsche AG and see for yourself. 

PS- The new 911 GT3 RS is available for order now but it will only be launched in Germany some time passed mid-April 2018. Get in touch with us to find out how you can seal your order with Porsche Malaysia

Here are some images of the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS 

Video & Images: Porsche AG 

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