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Roger Dubuis Velvet Caviar

​”Nothing Is Impossible”. It’s a very popular quote that is too often that not, thrown around easily these days. But, a few can actually claim to do this rather easily, like Roger Dubuis. It requires hardwork, persistence, boldness, determination and most importantly, passion. Recently, I was lucky to witness all of these traits take shape in an immaculate timepiece called, the Roger Dubuis Velvet Caviar, a new timepiece by the Swiss watch maker, that takes the marque’s Velvet Collection into a new era that seeks to redefine the idea of supreme feminine inspiration, while retaining some trademark artisanal DNA.

Celebrating the ‘Glamorous and Luxurious World of the Diva’, Roger Dubuis has definitely taken a bold move in crafting this spectacular ‘caviar” design on this strap. The caviar lookalike is actually countless miniscule black crystal marbles adorning the straps, to somewhat symbolise the aura of the ideal ‘diva’, or at least Roger Dubuis’ understanding of it. In fact, the most eye-catching element of this timepiece is this sparkling strap; other than the black crystal marbles, the strap can also be laced with tiny white crystal marbles on option. Truly though, both varieties resemble the finest caviar and thus create this astounding visual effect.

Its bezel is studded with brilliantly cut diamonds in either pink gold or white casing; making it even more dashing and mesmerising under low light.. The Velvet also offers multiple dial colour options, for instance mother-of-pearl or deep black lacquered options. The movement? Its housed with the automatic RD830 calibre, making it a simplistic, mechanically-powered wristwatch, just with a lot of glamour and glitz that will make its owners part with a cool RM 181,700. Is it worth it? You decide.

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