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By Tick Talk

Crazy Is Good

Speake-Marin’s Contemporary Crazy Skulls It’s not an idea we’ve not seen before, but it’s worth the quick look of course. Speake-Marin has combined a 60-seconds flying tourbillon coupled with a…

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By Tick Talk

URWERK’s Superhuman Luminosity

UWERK’s UR-105 CT Kryptonite Is All About Strong Luminosity​ Where URWERK is concerned, it’s always been about a visual display. Similar to MB&F, URWERK prides itself on intricate aesthetics and very…

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By Tick Talk

A Caviar Diamond Galore

Roger Dubuis Velvet Caviar ​”Nothing Is Impossible”. It’s a very popular quote that is too often that not, thrown around easily these days. But, a few can actually claim to do this…

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