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Benetti Yachts’ Seasense Is All About Italian Luxury

Italians sure do have a knack for flair in all things design, and it’s something that Italian yachtmaker, Benetti Yachts has always prided itself upon- Italian craftsmanship. Benetti’s new 67-metre Seasense is made on this concept and this concept of Italian luxury is something we look forward to tasting in small doses at the upcoming Singapore Yacht Show 2018 this weekend at Sentosa Cove.

With its typically athletic exterior, the 67-metre Seasense is basically a luxury lifestyle sanctuary on sea/ Benetti calls the overall theme seen in the Seasense, the “Benetti beach club” concept, which houses a 10 x 4m swimming pool on the main deck that can also be converted into a basketball court should her owner wish it. Yes, that’s quite a versatile hull structure. This custom superyacht also offers a very fresh take with her maindeck, that has an indoor-outdoor veranda with its standout detail being the teak planking, which Benetti claims is laid sideways rather that lengthways as is usually the case with most luxury yachts. 

This suave expression of Italian luxury can also be seen in how the interiors of their yachts and superyachts are crafted with charm and comfort its chief priority. It’s designed to express a very tasteful sense of luxury, one that usually throwsback to Italy’s ‘La Dolce Vita’ era, albeit in a minimalist way, as can bee seen in the Seasense’s manifold upholstery and luxury fittings. Its steel hull and an aluminium superstructure allows its designers and architects to basically come up with very fluid designs on the inside of these boats, all crafted in the Italian marque’s boatyard in the beautiful port city of Livorno, Italy.

This is not the terrace of a luxury resort. It’s the Benetti Seasense’s veranda.

Like the layout of the outdoor areas, the interiors of Seasense (which can comfortably accommodate 12 guests in six suites) also have some out-of-the-ordinary features. The contemporary design of the interiors springs from the collaboration between Los Angeles based design firm AREA, for whom this is their international debut in the world of superyachts, and the team of Benetti architects.

From these images alone, one can see how Seasense’s elegant, original exteriors are stylish and minimalist at the same time, something that Italian boatbuilders have excelled at over the years. The Seasense’s exterior has been created by renowned Dutch designer Cor D. Rover, in tandem with the Italian brand’s craftsmanship philosophies. A standout detail is the teak planking, which on this and all the other decks is laid athwart ships, or in other words sideways rather that lengthways as is usually the case.

Of course this custom superyacht wont be gracing SYS 2018 this year, but there will be other treats over at Benetti Yachts Asia booth in Sentosa Cove this weekend. We’re looking forward to visiting the good people from this influential and modern yacht brand so we too can also learn a little more about fine Italian luxury.

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