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Tillberg Design of Sweden (TDoS) has designed a bespoke yacht liner for Four Seasons, the renowned brand that is currently operating 127 luxury hotels and resorts across the globe. The studio has been appointed to execute the master planning, exterior styling and interior design of the 207-metre vessel. The yacht is in the midst of being engineered and constructed in collaboration with Fincantieri and is scheduled for launch in 2025. 

TDoS is an architecture and design firm that specialises in naval architecture and cruising design concepts for the maritime and hospitality industries. The firm’s proficiencies in structuring and composition is easily discernible in the build of the Four Seasons Yacht which features elegant and curvaceous lines. The overall proportions of the 207-metre long and 27-metre wide opus is harmoniously proportionate, highlighting a beautifully furnished aft pool deck that holds a 20-metre long pool, with the pool bottom doubling as a stage for catwalks or live music performances. 

The silhouette of the 14-deck yacht liner is largely shaped by its large and iconic funnel. The massive volume of the ship elicited the team to thoughtfully work around a funnel concept that would minimise emission, yet at the same time integrate it with a completely new and innovative context. The result is the sublime ‘Funnel Suite’ constituting 892 sq-metre of combined indoor & outdoor space, distributed over four levels and is easily accessible both directly and privately from a tender platform at water level. The concept truly imparts guests with complete privacy at the summit of the ship, allowing friends and family to immerse in seclusion amidst opulence. 

This project confirms a new and strong trend in modern yachting. They are  a new breed of very exclusive vessels that combine the scale of small and intimate cruise ships with superyachts’ amenities, splendour and level of sophistication,” said Fredrik Joansson, Partner and Executive Director of TDoS. “Much inspiration was taken from the private and sophisticated atmosphere of Surf Club, Miami Beach – and of course from the golden era of classic yachting,” he added. 

Another spectacular design feature onboard is the port-to-starboard transversal marina. The dual-purpose marina is a unique stroke of engineering, highlighting a terraced design that allows guests to fully enjoy the ocean with immediate access to water activities which also enables ‘sea limousine’ transfers to shore, all while being capable of being transformed into an exclusive dining space.  

As for the interior, the design team’s goal is to create suites and social spaces that embrace Dolce Vita and worldly sophistication. The vessel’s 95 spacious accommodations will feature an extensive network of adjoining suite combinations, creating adaptable, villa-like residences to cater for large groups of friends or family. Each suite is built with floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the space with natural light, as well as access to the expansive terrace decks for guests to fully immerse in the oceanic atmosphere on board. 

The combination of generous indoor and outdoor private guest space, plus ceiling heights of over 2.4-metres, set out to proffer guests with a whole new dimension of comfort. The Four Seasons Yacht will also harbour several high-class restaurants, lounges, bars, spas, and other luxurious amenities. 

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