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Ever wondered why motoryachts by Heesen look so distinctive and consistent, let alone mesmerising to the eyes? That’s because a particular firm has been at the helm of its design for some time now, a group of designers led by a certain gentleman who values synergy and innovation.

The firm in question? Omega Architects, a household name among the yachting fraternity, famed for its design prowess and conceptualising skills for numerous clients, particularly with Heesen Yachts of the Netherlands. Like most strong brands, it all began with one man. In this case, it was founded by Frank Laupman back in 1995. Ever since then, he has worked on architecture, yachts and interiors. He was able to ‘cross the borders’ of his own background and finished designs in areas of different nature.

Over the years, he worked relentlessly to establish good and solid contacts with various principals, project developers and shipyards. To be able to meet the requirements for bigger projects, he kept searching for designers with different backgrounds and education in order to finalise them. During these years, he formed a core of versatile designers who all shared the same philosophy as he does.

Besides this core of designers, there are also specific professionals onboard Omega Architects now, who provide a technical skillset of expertise for the firm’s design work. Through the years, the core has grown and its creative members have found a synergy through listening to each other, creating a very fluid work process akin to its very designs and this has done much in attracting principals and even individual yacht owners from across the world.

Omega Architects’ appeal to its growing clientele is based on its core mission: an aim to add value in different areas of design. The Dutch firm has managed to develop similar processes for the different areas of yacht design, interior design and architectural design. Their work does not reveal a specific style, but it fine-tunes the style to the varying nature of their specific commissions. In all of its commissioned works, Omega Architects follows a similar design process focused on the client’s needs and requirements too. For this reason, their architects and designers exchange thoughts and specific expertise, experiencing and creating synergy and ‘building’ their identity.

This lively nature of Omega’s team has brought a strong combination of concept design, modern visualisation techniques and thorough technical expertise. This ecosystem of designers and thinkers brings people together with different backgrounds and nationalities. The team operates in an international environment, where good communication and strong protocols has become the crucial backbone. The different angles which require different commissions, forces (in a good way) the team to be versatile and flexible. According to the yachting firm, it inspires strong principals for clients to engage further with Omega Architects.

Another crucial element to Omega Architects’ growth and prominence has been in how the establishment combines creativity with working knowledge of trends in today’s society, helping the brand understand further the wants and needs of clients. With this combination of ingredients, they then set out to design not only the exterior of buildings and yachts, but also their interiors. Omega Architects believe that a strong unity of exterior and interior creates the distinction between merely functional design and high quality design that is both functional and aesthetic.

Some proof of the brand’s capabilities can be seen in the successful deliveries of a string of iconic Heesens over the last few years: Amore Mio (45-metre), Lady L (44-metres), Aurelia (37-metre), Home (50-metre), Galactica Star (65-metre) and the recent Laurentia (55-metre). If anything, all these yachts mentioned share a focus on aesthetic designs, with equal measure of importance placed in its interior expression. This is down to how Omega Architects believes the simple yet fundamental rule: ‘the beauty of lines and shapes’.

You can look-up Omega Architects online to further peruse visually, how consistent their work has been since its inception. There is a deep and tasteful language of design behind their finished products, products that have many a client happy and fulfilled. Here’s one quote from famous yacht owner, Hugo Verlinden, who puts it nicely on Laupman and his team: “We have worked together with Frank Laupman for over 10 years now. He is extremely creative in his designs and works exactly according to his clients wishes. Frank is able to create a perfect profile in just a short meeting. He is a source of lines and shapes. On top of that he’s a very nice person.” By all means, head to to learn all you need to know about Omega Architects.

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