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Simpson Marine: A Voyage Towards Technology.

The non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace has taken the world by storm in recent years, creating opportunities for artists, musicians, and various other creatives alike to express their works through a digital medium. In 2021 alone, the marketplace of NFTs reached a staggering worth of $41 billion, an amount close to the total value of the global fine arts market.

Seeing as these intangible yet valuable assets remain desirable to this day, Simpson Marine, Asia’s leading international yacht dealership, brokerage and service company founded in Hong Kong, has decided to launch their first ever NFT collection entitled ODE TO THE SEA.

The collection features the photography of a ballet dance being performed onboard two yachts, a Sanlorenzo SX76 and a Bluegame BGX70, inspired as a means for the Hong Kong-based luxury yachting firm to celebrate its maritime heritage, as well as paying its tribute to the sea where the Company has thrived throughout the last 37 years.

The direction of the campaign is actually twofold. Apart from it being an homage to the waters of Hong Kong, the concept was chosen as part of a broader collaboration with the world of ballet and performing arts, with Simpson Marine becoming an official member of Club Hong Kong Ballet and a Corporate Patron of the Hong Kong Ballet.

ODE TO THE SEA is an exclusive premiere collection of 15 unique NFTs in photography, set in the backdrop of the Victoria Harbour and the South Side (Repulse Bay & South Bay), curated by Hong Kong’s esteemed photographer and NFT creator Ali Ghorbani, better known as ‘Ali G’ amongst his peers.

NFTs have garnered public skepticism as the assets associated with the tokens don’t actually carry any ‘real’ value to the buyer. But the ODE TO THE SEA collection has been designed to deliver a unique value proposition to the first-ever collectors with a dedicated VIP entertainment and benefits programmes to increase the desirability of these tokens.

The first buyers of the collection will be entitled to use their NFT towards the purchase of a yacht with Simpson Marine, the value of which will be based on certain terms and conditions. They will also receive a 1-to-1 museum-quality print of their selected NFT signed by Ali G, an access to one VIP event hosted by Simpson Marine in 2022, and two premium tickets to a Hong Kong Ballet show in 2022.

Interested investors or collectors can purchase these NFTs now via Ali G’s official account on the Foundation NFT Marketplace.

The launch of this collection signifies a radical milestone in Asia’s yachting scene as Simpson Marine becomes the first-ever yacht company to create an NFT collection for their customers. Ewa Stachurska, the Group Marketing Manager at the luxury yacht firm, asserts that the Company is aware that many of its yacht owners invest in cryptocurrencies, and this collection will prove to be a desirable addition to their growing portfolio.

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