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The Mondolfo-Based Shipyard Challenges The Yachting World By Creating A New Segment Where The Pleasure Of Sea Life And Performance Become One. 

Pershing, the leading builder of Made in Italy sports yachts based in Mondolfo has recently teased the world with its new TØ Project – boasting a new aesthetic and emotional experience, a leap forward in the world of avant-garde yachting, a disruptive – and only seemingly impossible – alternative to every yachting experience ever had.

A brand within Ferretti Group known for its bold characteristics, Pershing has been designing, producing and selling open, coupé and sport-fly luxury motor yachts for over 30 years. With the recent tease of the TØ Project, the brand will be ushering in a new era with an innovative momentum in disrupting the yachting world.

​Along with the X Generation range of yachts, the TØ Project will be Pershing’s new range of yachts set to redefine the boundaries of the 25 to 40-metre market segment. The project according to Pershing is touted to rise up to the new demands of customers, translating and reinventing them as only Pershing can. The new range promises to be unlike anything ever seen before and will revolutionise the concept of sports yachting, establishing game-changing standards in yachting pleasure while still preserving the unmatched high technology, performance and incomparable style of Fulvio De Simoni’s designs.

The TØ Project is a collaboration between Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee led by engineer Piero Ferrari, the group’s Engineering Department, and yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni – Pershing’s creator since the very first model.

The four cornerstones of the new project will consist of:

Design – The distinctive Pershing design language will be preserved, but yet holistically evolving on a new stylistic paradigm with a stronger identity;

On-board liveability and comfort – Spaces as well as volume will be maximised, with several concepts to be reengineered to the distinct Pershing style. There will be lots of open areas with access to the sea with navigation comfort and liveability of indoor and outdoor spaces being amplified;

Technology – The technological breakthroughs will live up to the brand’s promise;

Performance – As with all Pershings, the TØ will bring an unprecedented yachting experience to the 25 to 40-metre market segment.

Pershing will officially unveil the first yacht from the new TØ range at the Boot Düsseldorf 2020 show. 

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