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Princess 72 Tailwind: A One-Off Option That Beats Even The New

When it comes to deciding on a new luxury yacht, one can find themselves trapped in a real predicament. Factors like size, seaworthiness, comfort and function are a monumental consideration and at at times, it can be a real challenge to commission a new yacht that incorporates all of these major desires, not to mention, quite costly. Where working on a new design might prove an uphill task (which isn’t necessarily the case all the time if you love the process), therein lies the option of scouting the market for a nicely kept vessel. The question is though, what makes a good, second-hand/refurbished boat? Look no further, this Princess 72 Tailwind is one good example.

Besides the fact that it has been crafted by a leading brand in the luxury yachting scene in Princess Yachts, this particular Princess 72 highlights one of the most important aspects when it comes to considering a second-hand yacht: quality-to-price ratio. What exactly does this pertain to you might ask? Well, in all simplicity, it refers to how well-kept a yacht is. However, we’re not talking about buying a second-hand Ferrari here. We’re talking about a second-hand yacht, and that means, it’s never really that simple and it shouldn’t be.

One rule of thumb you might need to follow in seeking out a second-hand yacht is to trace your way towards finding true, ardent boat lovers. This might not be just as easy, but the way I assume it, if you’re in the activity of looking to buy a new yacht, you should also be in the company of contemporaries who are also avid boat lovers, or at the very least, yachting connoisseurs. By seeking out true boat lovers, you’ll definitely come across yacht options that have been well-maintained. And what’s more, you’re bound to chance upon some good opinions on what to look out for. The key though, is to know exactly what you’re looking for.

This Princess 72 Tailwind (pictured in this feature) is one option you could consider if you’re currently looking for a boat that’s seasoned and yet modern, sturdy yet luxurious. Its overall condition has been magnificently kept by its owner, who is an avid yachting connoisseur as well. At 73ft (22.35metres), it’s a very desirable size by many yachting lovers, simply because of how it serves a very particular niche of customers who yearn for a mid-sized amount of space, uncompromising comfort and versatility in their boats. These important factors are seen all throughout the Princess 72 Tailwind.

The main deck, for example, is of a single level, which does away with a lot of complications that can and might come with some recent yacht designs. This Princess 72 Tailwind particularly, has a main deck that fancifully expresses space on board and it has given its owner the chance to fully explore a very contemporary interior layout and styling. Built in 2012, this particular motor yacht model-class, is no longer in production by the British brand.

In fact, the closest Princess Yachts even come to providing this yacht size, is in their recent Princess 75 model, which when compared to this 72, costs in the region of GBP 3million, almost double the asking price of this Princess 72 Tailwind, which is currently for sale at GBP 1,450,000. For this particular Princess 72, it is actually at the right size to be both manned by its owner or even a crew, should one wish it so. It’s versatility can also be seen on its superb lower deck that accommodates three staterooms and a fourth twin cabin with side by side fore/aft berths, in addition to three properly appointed large bathrooms.

It also has a lot of seamlessness in compartmentalising the lower deck, for example, in how access to the crew and engine rooms are through a watertight transom door, which nicely separates the crew and service sections from guest areas and other facilities. That’s right, it’s been designed in such a way, that it can accommodate so much, despite its relatively small stature, compared to its larger Princess siblings. We’ve also come to know that it already has a tender stowage fitted on the flybridge and also comes with some additional options such as hydraulic and fin stablizer systems. It also has raised bulwarks that lend to a dynamic profile which gives it its trademark motor yacht presence and profile.

When you pull together all of the factors and set it down on your pros and cons list, you’ll start to realise that in actual fact, acquiring a second-hand boat is a thrifty move if you’ve not yet found the exuberance to commission a new yacht that reflects your exact desires. In the case of this Princess 72 Tailwind though, you actually get a real glimpse of what it’s like to won a custom-built yacht as well. This is because, it is truly one of a kind, as its owner has made some very specific adjustments to it that has turned it into a one-off production model. And at an asking price of GBP 1,450,000, it actually is a down-right bargain. However, don’t take our word for it just yet. Call up Pen Marine at +60195302288 or reach out to the yachting experts at [email protected] to find out more about this unique Princess 72 Tailwind.

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