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Of Craftsmanship, Heritage and Culture  

It was a great pleasure for me to be part of a unique gastronomical journey hosted at Khoo Khongsi in Georgetown a few weeks back. As all media guests were hosted around a splendid dinner table with Khoo Khongsi aglow with mesmerizing LED lights, it was the perfect moment to experience the John Walker and Sons XR21 whiskey. As I discovered, John Walker & Sons XR21 is more than just a blend of rare whiskies from Johnnie Walker.

Apart from the fact that all of the whiskies have been aged for at least 21 years, this luxurious blend was created to celebrate and honour Sir Alexander Walker’s knighthood back in 1920s. Sir Alexander Walker is the grandson of John Walker and he was knighted by King George V for his exceptional services to the British Empire.

The bottle design of John Walker and Sons XR21 reflects the style of whisky decanters from the 1920s, a time-period known as ‘Art Deco’ and its sophistication and lavishness. Its heavy base glass design provided a rather exquisite feel to the whiskey’s overall appeal, especially under the evening’s dim lighting. 

Inspired by Sir Alexander own’s handwritten notes, the premium blended scotch flaunts a scent of maturity. A mix of tropical fruit scents with some sweet honey and tampered spices were the first few notes to intrigue my senses. These scents were cloaked with soothing smoky, woody flavours which immediately told me that this single malt had spent a very long time in its rustic casks.
We were invited to drink this luxurious blend neat to get a true sense of its maturity, however, it was just as savoury together with a dash of water. Despite its strong body of woody and smokiness, a slight sweetness and spiced vanilla could also be felt upon my next few sips. This palette of taste seemed to be stimulated further by warm and spicy sensations yet in a tame way; a true sign of maturity in my opinion.

Towards the end, I could pick up on the slight oak and dryness with a swirl of caramel taste. There was also a slight bitterness that reached the roof of my mouth as the night drew on, but it was nevertheless, as smooth as they come, due to its exceptionally well-blended layers. It is definitely a blend of flavours I will remember for a long time, especially with Khoo Khongsi, Penang standing magnificently in the background.

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