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Nespresso Malaysia: a ‘Hari Merdeka’ voyage for spectacular flavours.

A nutty, slightly caramelised aroma swirls the air, oozing a familiarly delectable note that sets the rhythm of the day right. It is an anchor in routine that soothes us with a sense of normality, imparting confidence and vigour to face the mayhem that surround our everyday lives.

Coffee, the staple beverage that makes the world go round, is so much more than just another drink – it’s a community. And in conjunction with Hari Merdeka this year, Nespresso is collaborating with Barista Guild Asia on a quest to understand Malaysians’ unforgettable tastes.

But before heading on further, here’s a little insight on Nespresso’s aspirations on their voyage to seek out familiar, Malaysian inspired java flavours.

If you’re one to frequent a pot of home-brewed coffee, you’re certainly no stranger to the simplicity of Nespresso coffees. At just the touch of a button, the coffee machine does its magic, transforming one little capsule into a fresh and fine cup of coffee in an instant.

That is the pride of Nespresso after all, embracing the idea that brewing a cup of delicious coffee should not be an ambitious task. And as a pursuer of superior coffee quality, every flavour encapsulated are cherry-picked to include only the finest beans from the best origins, undergoing 70 quality checks to ensure that in each recyclable aluminium capsule guarantees a consistent aroma and taste profile.

With that said, the renowned Capsule Coffee company is extending its reach to the community this Hari Merdeka, inviting 10 selected baristas from the Barista Guild Asia to create two coffee recipes that resonate with local Malaysian flavours with the use of Nespresso’s coffees.

For the first recipe, the baristas will have to search deep within themselves to recall the unforgettable tastes that they hold onto dearly, pouring their heart and souls to create a flavour of coffee that truly showcases their individuality.

And for the second challenge, the coffee artists will have to express their limitless creativity to marry Nespresso coffees with local Malaysian ingredients, like gula melaka, pandan, etc., to birth a recipe that screams Malaysia at a sip.

And to up the community factor, Nespresso will be sharing these recipes on their social media platforms for Malaysians to vote for their favourite flavours. Subsequently, the winning recipe will be served at the Nespresso Boutique for all Malaysians to indulge in for a limited time only.

At Nespresso, ensuring coffee quality is at the heart of everything we do. We’re driven to offer coffee drinkers in Malaysia the opportunity to indulge in unforgettable tastes embodied by the freshest and finest Nespresso coffee at the touch of a button on Nespresso coffee machines. We believe everyone has their unforgettable taste. This is also why we’re excited to see how the baristas from Barista Guild Asia experiment with the finest coffees from Nespresso and create a cup of coffee that is unforgettable to them and the Malaysian community,” said Floriane Novello, Business Executive Officer of Nespresso Malaysia.

In commemoration of the Merdeka celebration, Nespresso Malaysia is also introducing a Malaysian Favourites 8-sleeve Pack that encapsulates all-time favourite coffees from the Ispirazione Italiana and World Explorations range. With aesthetic artwork and illustrations of local landmarks graced across the packaging, the 8-sleeve pack is modestly priced at RM192 for Malaysians to savour its delectable flavours, all at the simple touch of a button.

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