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The Collaboration Between BMW Group Malaysia And FLYPROJECT And What It Was All About.

As I sat down, pondering on the BMW Group Malaysia & FLYPROJECT collaboration, I couldn’t help but wonder deeper into the whole collaboration which took place last August.

Research online shows pages and pages long of website listings mentioning the BMW Group Malaysia and FLYPROJECT event which took place, culminating in the unveiling of the BMW i8 Coupé. From mainstream media to the automotive and lifestyle media, and in different online platforms and different languages – this showcased BMW Group Malaysia’s commitment and more importantly, success in driving awareness about Visionary, Sustainable and Electro Mobility. 

What exactly is Visionary, Sustainable and Electro Mobility and why the collaboration with FLYPROJECT? In answering the earlier question on What exactly is Visionary, Sustainable and Electro Mobility, we first take a look at the possibilities of why the collaboration with FLYPROJECT and the possible links between BMW Group Malaysia and FLYPROJECT.

The Common Ground – BMW Group Malaysia x FLYPROJECT

When I thought about the BMW i sub brand, these keywords came into mind: futuristic, technology, electricity and plug-in hybrid supercar. On a plug-in hybrid vehicle, power is obtained via its combustion engine (which grows ever more efficient (1.5 litres) and cleaner as we head on into the future) or its electric motor. These output of power further creates motion and mobility turning into kinetic energy. This kinetic energy is then harnessed and converted back into electricity. Now imagine going through this cycle over – one will then have sustainable mobility – and an exceptionally futuristic and beautiful mobility in the case of the BMW i8 Coupé or BMW i8 Roadster.

When I thought about FLYPROJECT and FlyCycle, stationary cycling comes to mind proceeded by clean energy and then kinetic energy or the energy of movement. Kinetic energy is further defined as the energy which a body or an object possesses due to its motion. Within the context of cycling or FlyCycle, our bodies produces the power (clean energy) and this power is further converted by the action of cycling into kinetic energy (energy of movement). If you were to ponder a step further, adding in a dynamo would in fact convert the kinetic energy into electricity. Here’s additional food for thought: Perhaps the entire do with the projection screen was powered by those 100 FlyCyclist?

Taking these terms and words of futuristic, technology, electricity, kinetic energy, plug-in hybrid, vehicles and placing them together, one common ground is then identified between BMW Group Malaysia and FLYPROJECT’s FlyCycling – visionary, sustainable power and energy generation and mobility.

It is then in my opinion that BMW Group Malaysia’s collaboration with FLYPROJECT’s FlyCycle for this event was meant to showcase and educate creatively via the lifestyle angle (exercising, clean energy, health) energy generation and technological possibilities of the future – directions which BMW Group is headed towards:

– Visionary relates to the ever evolving quest on enhancing technology;

– Sustainable relates to the clean and renewable energy;

all taken in the context of Electrified Mobility – of which BMW Group Malaysia takes pride in spearheading within our nation. 

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