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Range Rover Velar Officially Launched In Malaysia

​Just a little after a year later, the Range Rover Velar has officially (and finally!) been made available in Malaysia by Jaguar Land Rover Malaysia (JLRM) with two variants up for the taking- the Range Rover Velar (RM529,800) and the Range Rover Velar R-Dynamic (RM588,000). The prices are inclusive of the mandatory 6% GST, but excludes road tax, registration and insurance fees. Even so, it’s a real bargain, considering what this mid-sized luxury SUV has to offer.

​Pitting it against something like Porsche’s Cayenne, the Range Rover Velar approaches the SUV market in a very contrasting manner. Where the Cayenne might provide driving thrill as part of its comfort, safety and interactive package, the Velar however, has been made to up the SUV experience, especially in terms of consumer technology, which is where its Touch Pro Duo infotainment (see video below) comes to play. It’s one of the main highlights besides the Velar’s extremely stylish exterior looks which got it its “Most Beautiful Car Of The Year” title recently. 

​The engine selections that have been made available here in Malaysia for Range Rover’s Velar are from JLR’s Ingenium range, which is basically a 2.0-litre, 4 cylinder engine that houses just about 250 hp (250PS). It’s maximum amount of torque (365Nm) comes out at full whack as early as 1,200 rpm before idling at 4,500 rpm. These data sheet details apparently give the all-wheel driving Velar a decent SUV sprint time of 6.7 seconds, a feat facilitated by an eight-speed ZF transmission. As it is an Ingenium powertrain, it also has a 7.6 per 100 km consumption reading. That bit needs to be tested though, so we’ll need to get behind it soon.

According to JLR, the Velar’s stylish looks sit on top an aluminium-intensive monocoque body, with 81% of the body-in-white, a feat it’s competition haven’t pulled off yet. THis apparently gives the Velar its light and agile road character when needed. But again, the magic of the Velar rests inside it’s state-of-the-art cabin. The clutter is minimal on the inside, with some exceptional interior detailing, all converging upon the Velar’s instrumental panel, a sight of strength and architectural beauty. 

The R-Dynamic variant differs with the base model solely on aesthetics, both inside and out. On the inside of the Velar R-Dynamic, Kvadrat (Europe’s leading textile designer) highly durable wool-blend premium textile contrasted with suede cloth comes as standard. It’s all about exploring the various options with this Velar of course, so get in touch with Jaguar Land Rover Malaysia to find out more.

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