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Ferrari SP51: The 812 GTS-inspired custom roadster headed by Flavio Manzoni.

The Special Projects programme by the Maranello auto manufacturer sets its focus on creating one-off Ferraris tailored down to every drop of detail requested by the client. Joining Ferrari’s One-Off series is the SP51, a thoroughbred roadster based on the 812 GTS’s architecture, crafted to the specifications of a long-time client to feature only the best Ferrari has to offer.

Commissioned by a longstanding Taiwan-based client, who happens to be an avid Ferrari collector, the front-engined V12 spider custom is based on the 812 GTS platform from which it inherits its layout, chassis and engine. But the most striking characteristic of the SP51 is the complete absence of a roof, accentuating the authentic roadster feel for maximum en plein air driving exhilaration. 

At the first glance, it is clear that the provisions of the SP51 have been injected with the same signature elegance of the 812 GTS. The front features a similar trim on the bonnet that dynamically frames two air vents, complemented by specially designed-headlights that impart the custom roadster with an instantly recognisable identity all for its own.  

The bespoke arch-themed rear is undoubtedly captivating. The taillights are inset right below the spoiler. And directly behind the cabin highlights two hovering buttresses that are visually softened by two-deep carbon-fibre scoops.  

Needless to say, the overall aesthetics of the SP51 have been detailed down to the bone as the client was involved extensively throughout every step of the way. The three-layer paintwork highlights a new Rosso Passionale, a sensual colour developed specially for the custom roadster that gives it its elegant character whilst exuding authority on the streets.

This impression is further accentuated by the blue and white livery inspired by the esteemed 410 S which not only runs the length of the car, but also references the interior to create a sense of seamless continuity from the exterior to the interior.

Of course, the personalised roadster is not just all about the appearance. The aerodynamics of the auto have been meticulously honed through CFD simulations, wind tunnel and dynamic testing to further reduce buffeting and drag as compared to the standard 812.

And under the hood, the Ferrari SP51 retains the same engine as the 812 GTS, housing a 6.5-litre, V12 engine that easily generates 789 bhp capable of slicing through the air at 320 kmh. Aside from that, Ferrari did not quote any specifications on a 0-100 kmh time, and certainly not a price. 

But that’s not what SP cars are all about after all. They are simply the Prancing Horse’s way of offering their clients a way to indulge in an en plein air driving experience on the open roads. 

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