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The New BMW M8 – hinted.

I clearly remembered back in the days where the first generation BMW 8 Series (E31) came to be. This was when I was in secondary school, days where die cast scaled automotive models ruled the bedrooms of every teenage boys, not to mention automotive posters and Guns and Roses. In Malaysia, during those teenage years, I’ve had the rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of the BMW 8 Series in the metal, only about once – I couldn’t turn away as though under her hypnotic spell. The 8 Series then was a beauty, an artwork of its era, and it still is till this day.

Fast forward 20 odd years, BMW Group has unveiled the 2nd generation 8 Series Coupé in October and the 8 Series Convertible in November. Following the (almost) back to back global unveiling of the 2nd generation 8 Series variants, BMW Group have also recently hinted on the BMW M8 with some specifications, facts and figures.

There will be 3 model variants to the new BMW M8 – the BMW M8 Coupé – which is on course for the market launch in 2019, the BMW M8 Convertible and the BMW M8 Gran Coupé (the 4 doors sibling).

The new BMW M8s will house a high-revving V8 engine with M TwinPower Turbo Technology, and it is believed to push out north of 440kW/600hp. The power is transferred (fully variable) via M xDrive all-wheel-drive system with rear bias and 2WD mode. 

The BMW M8 is a performance oriented vehicle concept with minimised weight, low centre of gravity, even weight distribution, optimum wheelbase and wide tracks. It will be further decked out with M specific optimisations which will further increase the already high levels of rigidity in the body structure, chassis components and chassis mountings, while the M specific suspension delivers the exceptional directional stability, steering precision and cornering dynamics. 

It does sound very promising, but will the 2nd generation 8 Series stack up to its predecessor and ignite that teenage spark we boys had then? All that is left now, is the anticipation of the actual car on our shores. 

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