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Saying Goodbye for A Better Future

Now that the new Ferrari Portofino has finally made its debut at 2017 Frankfurt Motorshow recently, it’s good to know what the topless stallion will offer as a replacement to the famous California T.  I was always under the impression that the California T resembled an insect from the front, with its big, bug eyes as for front lights. This new and sexy topless Portofino however comes with a sharper and edgier outlook with exceptionally enhanced performances according to data sheets. 

If you didnt know already, the Ferrari Portofino is named after a quaint town in Italy, also known internationally as a charming tourist port. This association accentuates the Ferrari Portofino’s aura of elegance, sportiness and understated luxury. These are exactly what Ferrari wishes to portray the new topless V8 grand tourer and we believe the name is absolutely fitting.

The immaculate exterior aside, Ferrari Portofino is an aggressively styled car with a two-box fastback configuration – unprecedented in a coupé-convertible with a retractable hard top. With a lighter chassis and increased stability, it is handles the century sprint in just 3.5 seconds, using its 600 Italian horses galloping to relentless fashion. It is also one of the most powerful convertibles that combines the advantages of a retractable hard top, a roomy boot and generous cockpit space, plus two rear seats which are suitable for the ever so often short trips.  

The V8 engines for the Ferrari Portofino has been tuned to house 40 hp more than its predecessor, the Cali T. All aspects of the 8-cylinder’s efficiency have been honed with the adoption of new pistons and con-rods, and a new intake system design, along with an all-new as exhaust system as well. The new one-piece-cast exhaust header reduces losses which is an important factor in ensuring Ferrari’s characteristic throttle response with zero turbo lag apparently. With all the enhanced improvements, it is now able to offer even higher levels of acceleration in all gears and lower fuel consumption, compared to the California T.

Also, for the first time in this series, this beauty comes with an Electric Power Steering to grant more responsive steering inputs, something hard-driving persons will prefer. Inside the Portofino, there is a 10.2-inch infotainment system to add to the luxury and functionality of its cabin. On top of that, one could also play around with an 18-way electrically adjustable seat on either side, with a new backrest design that provides additional legroom for rear seat passengers. There is also good news for rear passengers who might be concerned about their hair conditions once the stallion gone topless; there are a new set of wind deflectors installed, providing a 30% cut of airflow inside the cabin which also helps reduce aerodynamic noise as well.

The Ferrari Portofino is destined to wow eyes and sense of those who come in contact with it. While many have already seen it at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, there are those of us here in Malaysia, who will await gleefully for the Prancing Horse to come our way. Definitely though, we think it is yet another truly captivating coupe-convertible by the Italian luxury giants.

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