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Panamera’s Estate Sibling Is Here In Malaysia

​Yup, everybody’s favourite 4-door saloon just had it’s estate sibling introduced in Malaysia earlier today at Bangsar Shopping Centre and it looks like a promising model series just on looks alone. But what’s new in this Sport Turismo range compared to the sedan? 

To note, it’s the first time the Panemara has ever looked this way, and just on this first impression, the Sport Turismo range looks superb. It is a range developed to cater for more function and usability so the changes are geared towards that aim, staying true to the shooting brake concept. 

For starters, the Sport Turismo version of the Panamera comes with small modifications to its dimensions and consequently, its exterior as well. Measuring with at a height of 1,428 milimetres, it is slightly higher than the current sedan Panamera which stands at just 1,423 milimetres. Doesn’t sound like much, no?

With that increased head clearance for easier exit and entry, it also means the Sport Turismo gets larger rear passenger doors and an inevitable larger boot, which gets a whole extra 20-litres compared to the stock Panamera. In totality, the boot has 520-litres of space except for the E-Hybrid Sport Turismo, which has 425-litres because of its electric powertrain, so some space has been compromised for the electric hybrid. 

The Sport Turismo comes in a 4+1 seating configuration, following the trend of most estate cars that are made to be more versatile with space and transport duties. That’s basically 5 passenger seats in total but it is being termed ‘4+1’ because the additional seat in this Panamera is at the rear, in the middle. The seat replaces the rear portion of that fluid centre console that flows all the way to the back in the standard Panamera. So to those who always wanted to ferry an extra person at the back, now it’s possible

The seemingly lengthened roofline comes with an adaptive spoiler that sits just at the edge of the Sport Turismo’s roof. The adaptive spoiler on the roof also works similarly to the one found on the sedan Panamera Turbo, automatically activating above 170km/h. Depending on driving conditions, it can be fixed into three angels to induce more downforce, and as explained to us during this launch, it can amount to up to 50kg worth of downforce on the rear alone.

 And of course, to round up the whole offering, the Panamera 4 Sport Turismo model series comes with a juicy range of engines to round up a comprehensive package:
(**Prices stated below EXCLUDE registration fees, road tax and insurance.)

​​Sport Turismo ​​​Panamera 4​​​ ​​Panamera 4 E-Hybrid​​ ​​Panamera 4 Turbo​
​Engine Selection ​3.0-litre V6 turbo​​2.9 V6 bi-turbo with electric motor​​​4.0-litre V8 bi turbo​
​Horse Power (hp) ​​330 ​​​460 ​​550
​Torque (Nm) ​​450 ​​700 ​​770
​Top Speed (km/h) ​​259​​278​304
​​Base Retail Price​ ​RM 990,000​RM 1,125,000​​RM 1,940,000​

Based on the data above, the quickest of the lot is actually the one model that wasn’t at the launch proper this morning, the Sport Turismo Turbo. It kills the century dash in just 3.6 seconds apparently, followed by the E-Hybrid with a 4.6 second time and the Panamera 4 at just 5.3 seconds. While these numbers prove to be impressive, we can wait to get behind these Sport Turismo Panameras to see if they’re up to the task. Hopefully we get to that soon to let you guys know how it feels on the road. 

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