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​Is it a surprise? No. Is it awesome? Yes, yes and yes! Countless purists have been left awed after Porsche’s latest 911 GT2 RS set a new lap record of 6 minutes and 47.3 seconds on the 20.6-km-long Green Hell recently. Needless to say, even Porsche’s own engineers had their expectations blown right out of the park (by 17.7 seconds to be exact) from the run out on the Nürburgring.

Commenting on the record, Porsche’s Frank-Steffen Walliser, Vice President Motorsport and GT Cars, said, “At the start of the development process, we set ourselves a lap time target for the GT2 RS of less than 7 minutes and 5 seconds. The credit for beating this target by 17.7 seconds goes to our development engineers, mechanics and drivers, who demonstrated an exceptionally strong team performance. This result makes it official: The GT2 RS is not only the most powerful, but also the fastest 911 ever built”. Have you seen the lap highlights yet? If not, here it is below:

Some might put it down to a matter of pure coincidence and mere luck, but as it is the Porsche way, it’s far from that. The amazing lap record is not just a one-off because the German marque got different drivers to test different 911 GT2 RS by going through a series of few laps around the Nürburgring to justify this record-setting time.

Lars Ken from Germany and Nick Tandy from UK were among two professional drivers handpicked by Porsche to test this road demon’s performance. Both of them successfully broke the previous record for road-approved sports cars (6 minutes, 52.01 seconds) in their first attempt and subsequently finished five laps in under 6 minutes, 50 seconds.

The average speed of the whizzing laps were approximately 184.11 km/h and it was Lars Ken who ultimately set the final record time to remind the world that the German automotive brand is in a class of its own when it comes to murdering records, a clear evidence to the brand’s consistency of delivering top-notch performing sportscars. So, how did they do it this round?

The magic comes from a six-cylinder biturbo, flat engine that has been packed with 700 powerful German horses (trumping its 3.6-litre predecessor by 80hp) to give it a naught-to-100 time of just 2.8 seconds, using all of its 750Nm of torque to do so. We’re not sure about how many blinks of the eye can be achieved in those seconds, but the fact that this rear-wheel demon clocks a top speed of 340 km/h, we think everyone would prefer their eyeballs to be wide open at all times. 

It’s always nice to read about these things, but sometimes, the best thing to do is to just witness it. So here’s a full video of that insane lap in the Porsche 911 GT2 RS :

Images & Video: Porsche A.G.

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