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Located along the enchanting southern Vietnamese coastline, The Bluffs Grand Ho Tram Strip stands as a golfer’s reverie like no other. It is here, amidst the rugged yet graceful embrace of nature, set against the backdrop of coastal sand dunes shaped over millennia, that one can indulge in a game of true links golf. 

In the realm of golf, a ‘links’ represents the sport’s oldest heritage, with its origins tracing back to Scotland. These exceptional courses find their home along the sandy coastlines, providing a playing surface distinct from the parkland and heathland counterparts. The harmonious combination of soil and grass that begets the firm, resilient turf that defines links-style courses, inviting a thrilling ‘running’ game. The robust surface, in stark contrast to softer turf courses, allows golf balls to cover significantly more ground after landing on the fairway. 

The Bluffs Grand Ho Tram Strip is precisely just that. The course’s illustrious designer, Greg Norman, affectionately known as the ‘Great White Shark,’ eloquently commemorated it as follows, “the experience of playing genuine links golf amidst the resplendent dunes of southern Vietnam, with the relentless sea as your steadfast companion throughout the journey, has etched The Bluffs Grand Ho Tram Strip as one of the world’s most exquisite golf experiences.

In a recent testament to its splendour, The Bluffs Grand Ho Tram Strip was crowned with the prestigious title of “Best Luxury Golf Destination in Vietnam” by the esteemed Luxury Lifestyle Awards. This accolade stands proudly alongside a lineage of international acclaims, celebrating its superlative golfing amenities and unrivalled facilities that make up The Bluffs. 


The Clubhouse 

At The Bluffs, the experience extends far beyond the sweeping greens. The lavish Clubhouse presents an exquisite array of facilities, each designed to elevate every facet of your visit. 

As you step into the Clubhouse of The Bluffs Grand Ho Tram Strip, you step into a realm where luxury, gastronomic symphonies, and refined relaxation merge seamlessly. Beyond the emerald greens, this sanctuary redefines the very essence of a golfing destination, offering a repertoire of amenities that cater to every facet of your visit. Here, luxury transcends expectations, and every moment at The Bluffs is an indelible note in your symphony of memories.

Infinity Restaurant

The Infinity Restaurant beckons with an exquisite vista of the Ho Tram coastline with breathtaking panoramic views of lush greens. From traditional Vietnamese delights to international favourites, the restaurant offers a diverse range of culinary choices to satisfy your palate. 

Rare Cask Room 

For connoisseurs of fine spirits, the Rare Cask Room will certainly be your sanctuary of indulgence. This intimate space is tailor-built for private gatherings, accommodating up to 15 guests at a time. It houses over 40 varieties of the world’s most celebrated scotch and whiskeys whilst providing a snug setting to savour your spirits in. In short, a perfect way to ease into your evening after a rewarding round of link golf. 

Pro Shop 

As with most established golf clubs, the Pro Shop at the Bluffs comes stocked with the latest clubs and accessories from renowned brands. The shop also carries its own brand of Logo-ed apparels in collaboration with top manufacturers including FootJoy and Puma. 

Locker Room 

The comfort of a clubhouse locker room is paramount, and can be in some sense the make or break of the entire experience. These sanctuaries serve as a resting haven, a space where players transition from the outdoor greens to the refined ambiance of relaxation, or vice versa in that players enter a soothing environment before tee-ing up. 

The Bluffs takes pride in their spacious and well-appointed locker rooms designed to cater the desires of all golfers. For men, 145 full-length lockers and 18 showers ensure comfort and convenience. On the women’s side, full-length lockers, a make-up stall, and private changing booths provide a comfortable and personal setting as well. For those seeking an even more exclusive experience, VIP locker rooms are available with private access, separate dining spaces, and casual lounges.

Banquet Room 

From the grandeur of wedding receptions to the harmonious post-round award ceremonies, the Banquet Room at The Bluffs Grand Ho Tram Strip is a versatile concerto hall that metamorphoses your events into exquisite symphonies. Its magnificence is complemented by a 1,000-square-metre deck on the Clubhouse’s summit, a lofty stage set over 50-metres above sea level. To watch the sunset from this vantage point is to be enveloped in an orchestration that captures the quintessence of luxury.


The Driving Range

For those seeking to refine their golfing prowess, The Bluffs offers a sprawling 3,000-sq-metre driving range enveloped in the verdure atmosphere that mirrors the course. Golfers can train and send their drives sailing across natural grass tees and target greens, with a fantastic short-game practice area to complement and mock bunkers, chipping areas and more to master every aspect of their game. With refreshments and food delivery served as well, the range promises not only improvement, but relaxation as well. 



Within the opulent complex of The Bluffs also lies 2 exclusive accommodations for Golf Club Members. The prestigious InterContinental® Grand Ho Tram offers a 543 room oasis, each showcasing panoramic vistas of the revered sand dunes or the vast picturesque scene of the East Sea. A plethora of indulgences await here, from the award-winning spa to an eclectic collection of restaurants and bars, the InterContinental is set to offer a world of sophistication that encapsulates the essence that is InterContinental Life. 

The second of which is the captivating Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach. This beacon of leisure and delight welcomes guests to a world of comfort and vibrancy. The tower harbours 561 stylish rooms and suites, each affording sweeping views of the beautiful coastline. The resort introduces a gourmet food court and a myriad of entertainment options, curating an atmosphere that pulsates with life. From the embrace of soothing spa treatments to the excitement of thrilling golf rounds, the Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach serves as a gateway to holistic rejuvenation.

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