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The concept of senior living in Malaysia is a nascent one, but it has gained significant traction and become a prominent subject of discussion among both working professionals and the elderly population today. With visible signs of our ageing society manifesting, the importance of addressing the needs of seniors has never been more apparent.

In contrast to Western culture, Asian society places great value on strong family ties and connections, with many elderly individuals preferring to reside in close proximity to their children. However, there is a growing acceptance in modern times, as both parents and children recognize the importance of personal growth and career pursuits. This shift in mindset has led to more elderly citizens opting to live alone or with their spouses, as both generations understand and respect each other’s need for independence and space.

Thus, it’s no surprise that retirement villages are gaining popularity as a viable option to suit the evolving needs and preferences of both parents and children, providing a harmonious solution that respects individual aspirations while fostering a sense of community and support for the elders. 

Introducing Sunway Sanctuary, a flagship senior living residence by Sunway Healthcare Group. 

Intended as part of the group’s plans to provide for the increasing demand for an exclusive and affluent senior living community, the fully-serviced residence embodies a perfect fusion of hospitality and wellness to provide the utmost sumptuous living experience. 

The premier luxury senior residence boasts a prime strategic location within the highly integrated Sunway city. The development harbours an impressive selection of 235 studios, as well as one and two-bedroom serviced suites across 20 floors. A prominent feature is its seamless integration with the esteemed Sunway Medical Centre, ensuring residents have immediate access to top-tier healthcare services. Moreover, the residence’s advantageous positioning provides a plethora of other services and amenities with the iconic Sunway Pyramid shopping mall located just a stone’s throw away.

Fitness, wellness, and leisure are at the heart of Sunway Sanctuary. Purposefully designed facilities cater to residents’ active lifestyles, ensuring they have everything they need for a healthy and fulfilling life. The elegant living spaces feature tasteful decor that emphasises comfort, safety, and accessibility.  

Spanning an impressive 100,000 square feet, Sunway Sanctuary offers a wealth of wellness and lifestyle facilities for its residents’ enjoyment. This includes a heated saltwater infinity pool and a viewing deck that offers breathtaking vistas of Sunway City Kuala Lumpur. A state-of-the-art gym with trained professionals provides personalised fitness sessions and assistance with daily needs and errands, ensuring residents can maintain their independence. The development also offers convenient travel arrangements to explore the surrounding area, along with event planning services for residents’ special occasions.

In line with its focus on holistic wellness, Sunway Sanctuary offers personalised in-house programs overseen by dedicated wellness coordinators. These programs provide targeted and customised approaches to lifestyle enrichment, ensuring each resident’s unique needs are met. Exclusive wellness packages are available to seniors above the age of 55, including Malaysians, expatriates, and foreign tourists.

To further enhance residents’ well-being, Sunway Sanctuary houses a wellness centre with qualified personnel offering standard health checks, blood tests, regular vitals monitoring, and nutrition and dietary advice. In case of more serious or emergency cases, as mentioned before, residents can benefit from the expertise of the nearby Sunway Medical Centre, seamlessly connected to Sunway Sanctuary.

Safe to say that Sunway Sanctuary has successfully shattered any lingering stigmas associated with traditional nursing homes, affirming its position as a transformative and progressive model in senior living. This glimpse merely unveils a fraction of the opulent tapestry that Sunway Sanctuary weaves. There is a wealth of unparalleled offerings waiting to be unveiled. So stay tuned as we unravel the exquisite world of Sunway Sanctuary in its entirety soon.

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