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Bespoke Living

It is no easy feat to furnish and decorate your home to express your personality. That being said, what if we told you that AIRA Residence has this aim already met with their customized interior palettes that complement the luxury condominium’s bespoke appeal? Read on if you’re looking for a new home in the coveted area of Damansara Heights that is more than just a living space with doors, glass windows and a skyscraper view.

“Your home. Your design. Your Choice”

That is what greets your eyes when you flip open AIRA Residence’s ‘Customised Interiors’ booklet. The luxury condominium setup is a bespoke development project well underway by local property developer, Selangor Properties Berhad (SPB) and it comes with options that are catered to serve its customers in a creative and tasteful way. As a matter of fact, besides the spectacular view from the summit of Damansara Heights, AIRA Residence’s interior personalisation package is one of the crucial plus points to consider if you’re thinking of signing the papers to one of the 105 units of these unique smart homes. Yup, they’re limited, and with good reason.

Just to rekindle some thoughts briefly, AIRA Residence not only offers the profitable opportunity of owning a property in a much-coveted prime location with a spectacular view, there is also an immense focus on maximum functionality and the finest finishes, all designed by award winning international designers. Studio Piet Boon, which is the interior designer, adds their touch to AIRA with a stunning variety of Piet Boon-designed furnishings, luminaires and fixtures, along with options for television and sound systems, security and smart home system. Designer brands like Miele, De Dietrich, Brandt and Formani are among the established names from the home industry that are part of AIRA Residence’s features.

Even so, at the heart of this luxurious condominium’s perks is the fact that you get to start off your customization options based on three of AIRA’s carefully packaged interior palettes, ‘Ambrosia Amber’, ‘Midnight Pearl’ and ‘Meridian Emerald’. They have been designed to invoke and instill feelings of character, intimacy, privacy and comfort.

Nature Inspired

Ambrosia Amber

This theme is designed to exude a relaxing atmosphere, one that is made of tones of cream and amber. If chosen, the entire unit’s finishing, from living room and kitchen to bedroom and bathroom will feature this very natural look on flooring, wall tiling and cabinetry. It is inspired by nature and its simple but practical role in life. The interplay between texture and tones are all crafted to turn your AIRA Residence into an inviting and warm living space, perfect if your home is often visited by loved ones from near or far, when you’re not cosily raising a healthy household.

Dramatic Accents

Midnight Pearl

There is a quiet confidence and strength of character being communicated through this theme. Minimalist, yet dramatic, the clean and striking fusion of classic black and white is designed to be attractive and breathtaking on purpose. This is the modern family’s home, where the simple contrast allows one’s visual to perceive more space than the generous amounts already offered in an AIRA Residence unit.

Complete Elegance

Meridian Emerald

There is no missing the elegant appeal of emerald in this theme of subtle tones which take after the raw and precious beauty of gemstones. The alluring theme accentuates the modern European design of an AIRA Residence unit, showcasing its functional allocation of space, while placing an emphasis on the myriad of designer finishes that will also be part of the unit’s complete look. The emerald green tones subtly contrast against the neutral tones to permeate the living and dining rooms, and kitchen spaces, giving it warmth and elegance.

Bespoke Commissioning 

Shell and Core Units

One could also opt to commission Studio Piet Boon to completely design one’s AIRA Residence interior, by working closely and directly with the firm to create a truly unique living space by selecting the ‘Shell and Core’
unit preference. This option provides the basic shell as your blank canvas and you can style it according to your whim and fancy. While the three packaged interior themes give a palette-ready selection based on mixing and matching, the ‘Shell and Core’ unit allows you to explore and express your creativity even deeper. This will give you a chance to construct a one-of-a-kind unit that differs from the rest at AIRA, a definite trait of bespoke living where your thoughts and  imagination can take shape physically.

Illuminate Your Design


 Setting your home alight is a delicate affair that actually deserves more attention than many of us give it. Whether it is a cosy ambience that one seeks or a bright and optimistic feel to one’s wardrobe, it is a crucial element that can go south when neglected. However, if you do drop by the quaint AIRA Show Apartment in Damansara Heights, you will notice how there is an exciting amount of lighting options that can be achieved through the AIRA Residence’s ‘Luminaires’ options. The list is well-packaged by SPB to enhance and add a new dimension to your chosen AIRA living space.

Peace of Mind

Safe Home

It would not be a complete home without the true luxury of peace-of-mind, which is why each AIRA Residence unit offers the option of a state-of-the art built-in home safe that meets the highest international standards. Some of this safe’s security features include biometric fingerprint for advanced protection, dual passcode option and up to 126 fingerprints storage. This near-indestructible vault is also incredibly durable and built into the floor, with
a series of 16mm steel locking bolts and has been tested to withstand a 927 °C fire up to an hour.

Smart Touch

Smart Home

In this rampant era of smart technology, AIRA Residence is one step ahead, presenting a suite of convenient and exciting smart home options that allow its dwellers to have total control, from the ambient lighting and curtains right up to air conditioning and televisions, all through an app. Even the details are not missed, as SPB has placed their industry-leading acumen into application by making sure that all light switches are designed to be overlaid with a smart home system at minimal cost.

Stay Captivated

Bang & Olufsen Television And Stereo Systems

One feature that got us even more excited was the option of having a Bang & Olufsen range of tele and stereo system fitted into selected AIRA units. The good people from SPB have pulled all the necessary ropes to make ready an exclusive arrangement with the prestigious brand to have selected units’ living and master bedroom equipped with these top-end systems. From the pin-sharp UHD Beovision Avant 75″ or 55″ televisions that turn gracefully to your favourite viewing position, to the speakers that fill the room with Bang & Olufsens’s iconic sound, this part of the interior options is something all owners should dedicate some time to consider surely.
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