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Two Award Winning Companies, FlyEliteJets and Jenny Allan Design Teams Up To Create The World’s First Flying Nursery.

The World’s First, Flying Nursery which Jenny Allan Design and FlyEliteJets created for a Gulfstream G650ER

Private jets traditionally caters extremely well for business professionals but have little, if any onboard amenities or facilities for toddlers and children. Hence, the design concept to provide a private, safe space for nursing mums to feed their babies and for young children to sleep, play and relax onboard private jets was conceived by FlyEliteJets CEO, Christopher Williams-Martin (who is also a father to 2 boys).

Having experienced clients increasingly using FlyEliteJets aircraft for weekends and holidays with their families, Christopher personally sought out a designer who could create a warm, welcoming and inviting space for parents and their kids onboard ultra-long-range jets and VVIP airliners which frequently fly trans-continental routes.

Also contributing to the surge in demand from owners and charter clients looking to jet away whilst safeguarding their families is the COVID-19 pandemic. Even so, the most up to date jets fails to cater for the youngest of passengers, until now.

And as every parent will know, flying with babies and children can be a stressful time for both parents and kids alike. Having frequently flown with clients and their children, and even with his own family, Christopher has seen first-hand that babies and young children’s needs are not met, often creating a stressful environment.

While clients and their nannies do their best to keep children happy, having a dedicated space that caters specifically for them is a game changer in the industry. 

The Flying Nursery is designed to go into the aft cabin of jets, an area that is traditionally under utilised. By creating a dedicated space for mums, dad, children and nannies with direct access to the rear WC and baggage hold, it becomes an onboard haven for children and parents alike with facilities to eat, sleep, play, relax and refresh.

The collaboration between FlyEliteJets and Jenny Allan Design is a befitting one as both companies are world leading companies within their respective fields and both are International award-winning brands with UHNW client bases. This synergistic collaboration in creating the world’s first Flying Nursery hence is an ideal launchpad in announcing the partnership.

“We wanted to design something unique that’s never been done before on a private jet and to revolutionise the way clients travel with their children. In this Gulfstream G650ER we added a starlit ceiling to create a wonderful sense of atmosphere in the cabin, ideal for bedtime reading. For more fun and whimsical details, we included embossed teddy motives on the seat headrests, a wigwam with cloud cushions that can easily be folded away during take-off and landing as well as a mini rocking horse and shelves for children’s toys and books. It was also really important that the space appealed to mums and dads, so we opted for a calming, tranquil, neutral décor rather than too many bold or bright colours that jar the senses.” said Jenny Allan, Founder of Jenny Allan Design.

A space designed with the priority of having the whole family to enjoy in mind, other design details include a sofa which converts into a double bed, game consoles for older children, as well as three TVs. Further aesthetic details include fabric padded bulkheads, and sycamore veneer doors with brass inlays.

“I was immediately taken by Jenny’s work, which is cosmopolitan yet will have universal appeal with its inviting colour schemes and functional design. We needed a designer who could visualise the brief, was approachable and engaging and discreet. Jenny is all of the above and a genuine gifted talent with the accolade of designer of the year.” said Christopher Williams Martin, CEO of FlyEliteJets.

The flying nursery really is the height of luxury but for UHNW clients any service that will improve their family’s experiences is top priority.

A typical fit out of this kind can be achieved in less than 2 months in a private hangar, with Christopher and Jenny on hand every step of the way, providing a unique and new offering to private jet design and fit out.

Jenny said “with our in-house CGI team and design services we can offer clients the full package with jet customisation. The world’s first flying nursery is just the start.”

Visuals: Jenny Allan Design, FlyEliteJets & Gulfstream

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