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​Franck Muller’s Father’s Day Guide

​With Father’s Day just around the corner, Franck Muller has decided to suggest a few ideas that one might want to consider just for your Old Man. The trio selection is not exactly the most outrageous options for Dads, but they share a few key elements that symbolise the bold role of a Father. So, if you’re thinking on getting your Dad a Franck Muller watch this Father’s Day, you’ve landed on the right page because these three sleek and stylish timepieces embody what Fatherhood stands for to some point. Have a good read and pick one already!

Vanguard Yachting Gravity Skeleton 

At first glance, one is instantly enamoured by the its blue, futuristic turbine-shape tourbillon cage, as though privy to witnessing a supernova in the night sky while far out at sea. Within this celestial explosion belies the naval heart of the timepieces. It features a 5-day power reserve, a phenomenal 21.2mm Gravity tourbillon cage and mesmeric blue marine accents, an ideal wrist accessory to bring him to new stylish heights. 

Crazy Hours 15th Anniversary Asia Exclusive

​Needless to say, the man who wears this is definitely a cray-cray genius. The dial shows time in the most unconventional fashion- the numbers are not in chronological order, and yet, the hour and minute hands can perfectly shows the time in pure precision. This is also an adventurous option in my opinion and if your Dad likes the quirkiness and unconvention of a crazy hours timepiece, this is one watch you should check out. 

Vanguard 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton

This watch is a celebration of the cool-headed, dapper Dad who expresses steadfast character with loads of charm and passion for love and life. Masculine in appearance, it provides a mesmerising visual display on an in-house crafted mechanical treasure. The architectural and geometric open-worked bridges are designed for watch enthusiasts specifically to admire its inner mechanical beauty, something most Fathers can relate to. Complete with a 7-day power reserve, it is almost symbolic of how our Dads are always there for us 24/7 when we need them.  

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