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Classic Holiday Necessities With RIMOWA’s Newly Rethought Product Lines.

Not too long ago, in conjunction with its 120th Anniversary, RIMOWA rolled out an updated product portfolio featuring the brand’s freshly minted new visual identity. Come this holiday season, RIMOWA – one of the world’s leading brands for the discerning modern traveller offered this new updated product portfolio, which caters to contemporary travel’s most essential sizes. This includes three collections with four cabin sizes; two check-in sizes and two trunk sizes. 

Quality, longevity and expert engineering are the cornerstones of every RIMOWA product. They are handcrafted by skilled specialists in durable materials of the highest quality, each case takes nearly 200 components and more than 90 steps complete. With 80% of the process performed by hand – every suitcase is one-of-a-kind.

1. The Original Collection – includes the iconic aluminium cases designed and engineered in Germany made of high grade aluminium.

Fr L to R – RIMOWA Original Collection in Titanium: Cabin S, Cabin, Cabin Plus, Check-in M, Check-in L, Trunk & Trunk Plus

2. The Classic Collection – RIMOWA’s heritage range, is a mixture of traditional design and modern features.

​Fr L to R – RIMOWA Classic Collection: Cabin S, Cabin, Check-in M & Check-in L

3. The Essential Collection – made up of three lightweight polycarbonate cases:

The RIMOWA Essential – polycarbonate all-rounder classic: the world’s first-ever polycarbonate suitcase, designed and engineered in Germany to be strong, durable and lightweight

Fr L to R – RIMOWA Essential Collection in Matte Black: Cabin S, Cabin, Cabin Plus, Check-in M, Check-in L, Trunk & Trunk Plus

The RIMOWA Essential Lite – RIMOWA’s lightest suitcase designed to offer optimum stability whist weighing 30% less than the RIMOWA essential

Fr L to R – RIMOWA Essential Lite Collection in White Gloss: Cabin S, Cabin, Check-in M & Check-in L

RIMOWA Essential Sleeve – the brand’s business range which includes a frontal pocket for easy access. 

Fr L to R – RIMOWA Essential Sleeve Collection in Matte Black: Cabin S, Cabin, & Cabin Plus

4. The Hybrid Collection – designed thoughtfully combining the most advanced materials – the resilience of RIMOWA’s special aluminium-magnesium alloy with the supremely lightweight quality of polycarbonate. 

Fr L to R – RIMOWA Hybrid Collection in Matte Blue: Cabin S, Cabin, Cabin Plus, Check-in M & Check-in L

Each new RIMOWA case includes product features such as:

– An anodised aluminium badge with the engraved RIMOWA logo.

– An update to RIMOWA’s wheel design that thoughtfully incorporates the brand’s new monogram.

– Improved engineering to increase resilience, stability, durability – built to withstand even the most rigorous travel agenda.

– Updated with interior material in a modern anthracite colour featuring the new RIMOWA monogram.

– For the Essential Collection, premium polycarbonate materials makes for superior lightness, strength and durability.

– Every case is carefully manufactured with the latest technology to stand the test of time.

Like all RIMOWA models, each new design comes with premium quality standards and after care service that has long distinguished the brand as one of the worldwide leaders in travel. With specialised service centres worldwide, repairs timed to the traveller’s departure at cooperating 5-star hotel partners and a 5 years warranty, global network of dedicated experts and skilled craftsmen guarantee your case can be repaired anytime, anywhere, hassle free. 

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