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Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series

There are only a few names that an audiophile can call upon to deliver that consistent dopamine rush from an exceptional home audio experience and Bowers & Wilkins is up there with the best in the business. This trademark craft of delivering excellent acoustic experiences has now come in the shape of the 700 Series range. 

The range topping speaker from the 700 Series, the 702 in S2Gloss Black Grille

Following closely in the rhythm of its inspiration, the 800 Series Diamond™ range, this new 700 Series basically comprises of eight models to raise the standard of any home living experience.

The 706 S2 speaker model in Satin White Grille

The fact that it is based on the aforementioned 800 Series Diamond, means that it will retain the audio quality of the legendary series, which in itself, is widely recognised by audiophiles worldwide, to be one of the best loudspeakers in the world. We haven’t sampled or tested the range yet, but from past experiences with Bowers & WIlkins tech, we can vouch for the brand living up to its hype more often than not.This 700 Series range also includes Tweeter-on-Top technology, which is known to significantly enhance and express audio signals with clean and crisp treble notes. As part of the series, it also features three floor-standing models, three stand-mounted speakers, and two dedicated centre channels for surround sound use with each model available in either Gloss Black, Satin White or Rosenut theme finishes.

The 700 Series commands a price list that ranges between RM23,800 for the 702 S2, to RM7,900 for the HTM71 S2. As for the stands, the FS-700 S2 ranges between RM3,200 to RM 3,400 per pair. The sole subwoofer option of the range, the DB4S costs between RM8,700 to RM9,000. Prices of each item fluctuate according to the desired colour schemes and other bespoke requirements that one might wish to add. If you wish to learn more, click here ​to find out how you can get your hands on one of these babies.

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