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Fulfilling Your Cocoa Fantasy With A Divine Chocolate Wellness Experience

If you are looking for a luxury retreat out of Malaysia and not too far from home soil, Nihi Sumba Island probably is your next perfect getaway.  The resort is located on the island of Sumba in Eastern Indonesia, 400km east of Bali – and if you’re picturing a beautiful green scenery in your mind, you’re right on track. Set amidst the picturesque jungle of Sumba Island, Nihi Sumba offers more than just greenery; it presents an exclusive Chocolate Wellness Experience for yoga enthusiasts and chocolate fanatics, like myself.

Most doctors will advice us to avoid consuming chocolate on daily basis to prevent damage to our health. Yes, it is detrimental to health when consumed excessively; however, if you indulge in quality chocolate efficiently, it can promote better health. The Chocolate Wellness Experience offerered by Nihi Sumba Island featuring Chocolate yoga and spa treatment at the Chris & Charly’s Chocolate Factory, combines the use of raw cacao for an immersive wellness experience, and it will certainly evoke calmness and tranquillity for yoga and mediation.

Cacao is a beanlike seed that chocolate and cocoa are made of. Drawing on the ancient healing modalities, raw cacao has been used as a natural ingredient to release inhibitions and restores feelings of well-being. The high caffeine content in chocolate is known to rejuvenate skin and body by stimulating blood circulation to help reduce tiredness and achieve optimum health. And this divine treat is a promise that you can get from Nihi Sumba for the sake of calm and peaceful mind.

The Chocolate Wellness Experience will start with a guided tour by a Chocolate Wizard at the Chris and Charly’s Chocolate Factory to discover the process of making chocolate. Guests will then be invited to get involved in a yoga session conducted by well-trained instructors in the jungle. With Mother Nature so close to us, it is easier for our souls to seek for deep transformation and remove unnecessary negativeness through the process of yoga and mediation. 

The process of soul transformation doesn’t stop here, you can enjoy a Chocolate Spa Massage by the whimsical Chris and Charly’s Chocolate Factory to realign the synergy and energy within your soul and body which is further enhanced by the peaceful ambience of the jungle. Organic products like raw cacao, cocoa butter and massage oils will be used by the spa therapist for the treatments to ensure you dwell in a chocolate fantasy that will keep you longing for more.

On the other hand, guests can also get access to some exciting water activities at Nihi Sumba Island. The resort is an outpost to world-class surfing and is considered as one of the best spots for fishing in Indonesia. After you have had enough of fun with water activities, you can enjoy the beautiful and magnificent sunset on horseback rides along the 2.5km private beach owned by the resort. 

Apart from that, you can opt to hike through breathtaking waterfalls and ancient villages. For a spa-thusiasts, you can enjoy a 90-minute Spa Safari through rice paddies which will bring you to Nihi Oka – a cluster of private Bales nestled between two pristine beaches, leaving you in the hands of professional therapists for unlimited treatments of your choice.

Ultimately, if you are looking for an out-of-the-norm retreat; Nihi Sumba Island is definitely the destination for you.

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