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Embrace A Healthy Lifestyle Living Within The Limits Of The City.

Jade Hills is a meticulously well-crafted, award-winning township that infuses healthy living by elevating the luxuries afforded by urban living without the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. The development speaks volumes of its nature-inspired narrative and redefines a zen-like environment that beautifully incorporates the lush and extravagant green landscapes at every nook and corner.

The 338-acres development reserves 23% of its master layout dedicated to green spaces abundantly distributed between each facility, amenity and residential within the township. You’ll be greeted by the pleasant verdure of trees and shrubs from all directions, as a tinge of sweet and floral breeze linger in the air endlessly, oozing tranquillity with every breath drawn from within.

The township boasts its residents-only Central Park that rests on 18-acres of lush landscaping and sculpted bodies of water, coupled with a garden walkway and forest trail, tree house, forest pavilion and even a camping zone. Truly the crown of a haven where people and nature can come together to leisure in. The Central Park also stands as the largest park within the town of Kajang and is within a 10 minutes’ walk from each precinct within Jade Hills.

Apart from the main Central Park in the neighbourhood, the township also presents the only Pet Friendly Park In Kajang. Spanning across 3-acres, the pet-friendly Origami Park consists of a serene water body, undulating tracks, a towering playground for the children, and a gathering space primed for social and community development. The aesthetic Japanese paper-folding-like structures are Instagram-worthy and certainly adds a unique depth to the project as a whole. 

The township strategically sits amidst the figurative crossroads of 6 main highways, each connecting to prominent districts within the city. For added convenience, a shuttle bus is readily available to ferry residents to the MRT Stadium Kajang for those who prefer not to drive as Jade Hills actively promotes low carbon travel.

The Jade Hills Resort Club also harbours a lakeside coffee house, serving a variety of local and international delicacies to whet your appetite as you take in the scenic views of your surroundings. 

In essence, the amenities and facilities at Jade Hills perfectly encapsulate all the aspects that make up a close-knitted community, with a little something for everyone available right at their fingertips. 

Jade Hills comprises a range of different and distinct residential projects, from luxury bungalows and mansions to congenial high-rise suites and 2-storey link homes.

Amongst them, Cloville is the latest and last phase of link homes that occupies 7-acres of the entire township. This exclusive freehold, low-density residential is limited to only 44 units throughout the phase, and with an average built-up area of 2,335 – 2,592 sq. ft, it is set at a modest price at a range starting from RM 1.4 mil to RM 1.75 mil. 

Cloville Semi-D concept link homes features wide open space designs with double volume dining to elevate the facade of spaciousness. All units are lit through natural lighting, courtesy of the large floor to ceiling windows which also allows for a good flow of cool breeze throughout the house. The porch is generously sizable and offers a parking space that can park up to 10 cars.

In a simple sense, Jade Hills is a unique and tasteful haven where residents can enjoy a healthy lifestyle living within the limits of the city conveniences.

For more information on Cloville, visit the Jade Hills Experience Gallery, or register your interest here by following this link. 

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