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An Art Of Finesse

There is a 100-year old hand-made ethos that is imbedded in Poltrona Frau’s craft. The craftsmen from Tolentino, Italy are masters of marrying traditional philosophies with contemporary new accents that are designed to permeate living spaces with subtle Italian flair. From the unique ‘Capitonne’ expression of the Chester Line, to the Chinese ideogram-inspired REN and the reinterpreted Italian concept the Roman Triclinium found in Let It Be, Poltrona Frau’s 2017 Home Collection is overflowing with stylish craft all around. Yet, it is not in a loud fashion but one that is rooted in form, relationship and the raw language of fine Italian handcrafting.

Chester Line

The Chester Line maintains the impeccable elegance and iconic workings of its predecessor: the capitonne, stitching with buttons, and spiral forms on the armrest. But in updating itself to contemporary habits and ways, it now lightens up, breaks up and multiplies its combinations to become a flair-filled system working seamlessly to soothe living spaces as an entire theme.

Chester Line


This collection is inspired by Chinese “Ren” ideogram, which means ‘person’. From the birth of the language, this symbol appeared on ancient Chinese oracle bones used for divination. Two simple strokes constitute a pictographic representation of the human figure. Each piece consists of two “Ren”, which make up the main structure in Canaletto walnut solid wood and together support the secondary structures, also in wood. The functional elements that form part of the structures have softer and more curved forms, which are elegantly upholstered in Cuoio Saddle Extra leather.

Ren Collection

Let It Be

The natural evolution of the sofa in Let It Be’s philosophy is implicit in its name. A famous song by The Beatles, it is evocative of a period of new-found freedom from all types of formalism and convention. It reinterprets the time-honoured Italian concept of the Roman tricilium, where people laydown, ate, talked and lazed about. A modular system opens to the most comfortable configurations, Let it be is an invitation to relax.

Let It Be Collection


The Cockpit is a place where concentration, quick reflexes and intuition join with a will to win, all designed by Ferrari and Poltrona Frau. Both Ferrari and Poltrona Frau share deep roots in hand-made excellence, and the Cockpit embodies this relationship. The armchair has an architectural and modular structure, and offers expansion possibilities with the feel of being in one of Ferrari’s supercar cabins. For the leather upholstery, the Ferrari Design Centre team have chosen shades and finishes inspired by the trim of the three Tailor-Made service lines: Scuderia, Classica and Inedita.

Cockpit by Ferrari & Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau is retailed in Malaysia by XTRA Furniture. Drop by their fine boutique at The Gardens Mall at Lot S-236 & 237, 2nd floor, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You can also choose to contact XTRA at +603 2282 9088 or drop them an email at [email protected] to know more about Poltrona Frau.

 Images: Poltrona Frau

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