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Updates (According To Dassault Aviation): Falcon 6X To Make Its Debut.

According to Dassault Aviation, the rollout of the Falcon 6X will take place on December 8th at its production facility in Bourdeaux-Merignac, France, achieving yet another milestone. The 6X is on track and expected to have its first test flight early next year. The development of the 6X, including its Pratt & Whitney PW812D engines are also right on schedule, while the certification and first customer delivery are planned for 2022.

The ground testing on the first flight-test Falcon 6X is still ongoing, while the electric, hydraulic, and fuel system tests have been completed. Meanwhile, the second and third flight-test aircraft are nearing the final assembly with aircraft number three being outfitted with a full interior.

The Falcon 6X is touted to offer the most interior space in the 5,000 nm segment and features the highest and widest cross-section of any purpose-built business jet.

Since the announcement of the 6X development, the 6X has been highly anticipated.

Visuals: Dassault Falcon Media

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