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An Homage to Late 50’s

​We all know how much effort and time premium watch makers spend in order to produce a unique timepiece. It can take ages to put all the miniature jewels together, piece by piece under scrutiny. Yes, it requires a lot of skill, patience and determination; but to have the ability to combine all the parts to become an ultra thin timepiece is all about innovation and courage. And once again, Piaget unleashes their true ability by introducing to us the distinctive Altiplano Pocket Watch.

60 years ago, Piaget introduced Altiplano and successfully amazed the watch making industry with its slenderness. More than just an innovation, the Altiplano shows that Piaget is relentlessly seeking for new aesthetics that can evoke design revolution to the watch making industry. And today, celebrating its 60th anniversary, Piaget decided to create an original twist by transforming the wristwatch to a pocket watch.

​Piaget gets their inspiration from the period when the first Altiplano ultra-thin timepiece was introduced in 1957. If you notice, the dial has a fine blue cross which divides the dial in perfect proportion. This blue cross was originally used in the earliest version of the Altiplano, creating an understated and balanced elegance to the face of the watch.

​The captivating and rich deep-blue sea colour dial is paired with white gold, slim single hour markers and slim baton type hands which are typical of Altiplano collection. Apart from that, the attachment of a blue calfskin string complements the colour of the dial, indirectly creating the feeling of nostalgia. The idea of classic and contemporary design conveys a strong message that the pocket watches are more than just about telling time; it is a timeless expression of elegance.

​Inside the slender 18k white gold case is an equally impressive 1200P movement, an ultra-thin self-winding mechanical heart that’s just 2.35mm thin. One can also transform the Altiplano pocket watch into a mesmerising table clock by placing it in the centre of an elegant blue marquetry stand punctuated by sleek markers. 

Limited to only 26 pieces worldwide, the 50mm Altiplano pocket watch comes with a beautiful pouch with an 18K gold white buckle. It truly is an understated luxury in the most opulent manner.

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