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Hublot Classic Fusion Fuente Limited Edition

​Hublot, a watch brand known for its boldness and creativity in the art of fusions, is once again enticing us with their new Classic Fusion Fuente Limited Edition. Cigar lovers would know Arturo Fuente; a traditional Cuban cigar that consistently stays at the pinnacle of world tobacco production – more than 30 millions cigars per year. 

The beautiful relationship between Hublot and Fuente first began in 2012 thanks to a shared vision and desire to demonstrate excellence. Several watch collections were produced in the past and both brands are now taking their relationship further with a few charitable initiatives to help the Dominican population through the Fuente Family Foundation. 

The new Fuente collection which comes in three is a celebration of fine craftsmanship, something both Hublot and the Fuente family are passionate about. The King Gold version will be limited to 50-pieces worldwide, whereas the other two models will have a 100-piece run, each. All three models are 45mm and will run on the HUB1112 calibre with a 42-hour power reserve. 

The King Gold’s case is made of gold and ceramic, a unique alloy combination developed by Hublot which gives it a muddy rose gold finish. The case presents beautiful drawings of tobacco leaves and the bezel showcases a motif reminiscent of the earthenware tiles adorning the floors of the old colonial houses of Havana while incorporating the letter X – emblem of the Fuente family. The back of the watch is engraved with an illustration evoking Güines, the town in the province of Havana where Fuente originates from. Displaying gold plated appliques, the dial comes in burgundy, a tonality also used on its buckle clasp strap in rubber-lined alligator skin.

The second variation has sublime livery in brushed titanium. It features the same fine details as the King Gold model and a blue tint for its dial and strap. 

For the third variation, bronze is used – a fine alloy that evolves over time, and it beautifully matches the green dial and strap.

I can’t help but feel deeply intrigued by the craftsmanship and relentless effort Hublot has put into its collaborations. They have combined both Fuente’s DNA and theirs into one unique element and it turned out to be very eye-soothing. The case, the bezel, the crown and the caseback of the watch are finely engraved with stunning details that betokens the 105 year old Arturo Fuente. A tribute very well paid indeed.

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