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Dance Of The Cosmos

The majestic high-speed Tri-Axial tourbillon by Girard-Perregaux welcomes two captivating, delicately miniature-painted complications: a rotating globe with day and night indication and a precision moon-phase display.

The three-dimensional Planetarium watch combines a Tri-Axial tourbillon, a globe performing one full turn in 24 hours and an astronomical moon phase. Cleverly combining technical expertise, iconic design and traditional craftsmanship, it distils the essence of the Girard-Perregaux DNA: arrow-shaped gold bridges, a lyre-shaped tourbillon carriage, sapphire domes and a side opening enabling light to flood into this superbly refined mechanism.

The tourbillon is a speciality of Girard-Perregaux that joined other previous interpretations such as the bi-axial tourbillon. As its name implies, this high-speed tourbillon is equipped with a regulator operating on three rotation axes instead of just one.This featherweight 1.24-gram,140-part movement comprises an inner lyre-shaped carriage – a signature of the Maison since 1880 – performing one rotation per minute.

It is fitted inside a structure spinning on a second axis in 30-second cycles. Both are in turn incorporated within a third structure revolving once every two minutes on yet another axis. The result is a mesmerising choreography entirely dedicated to conquering precision.  

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