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Boundaries No More

Only Watch is a valiant effort for a good cause, and this year, famous watch mason F.P. Journe joins the charity spectacle with an unconventional yet exclusive timepiece.

For many connoisseurs of haute horlogerie, the French term “Rattrapante” is a familiar term when it comes to chronographs. In English, the French term is simply known as a split seconds chronograph. However, if you link both F.P Journe and Rattrapante together, this will leave most collectors scratching their heads, wondering how this is even possible. This is because in the long history of F.P Journe, this Swiss watchmaker has never produced a Rattrapante before. However, this year, F.P Journe steps out from its comfort zone to explore an entirely new aspect and contribute the all new Chronographe Monopoussoir Rattrapante to Only Watch 2017, a world-renowned charity event in which some of the best names in horology contribute unique timepieces in aims of raising funds for scientif ic and medical research programmes. Therefore, it is more than just crafting a new timepiece design, but a completely new watch development which starts from the very basics, thus demonstrating how sincere F.P Journe is towards the Only Watch mission statement of charity.

From the overall appeal of the timepiece, F.P Journe has certainly moved away from its typical Journe’s design theme and concept. The 44mm Tantalum case is a first, with a mono pusher and a Tantalum crown as well. Next, we move on to its unique blue chrome dial adorned with an unusual topography with vivid colours. For instance, the implementation of an orange tachymeter and yellow telemeter on the dial itself has certainly exhibit a full bar of positive energy from this meticulous timepiece itself. Additionally, the typography of the F.P Journe looks almost like it has been hand painted on the wall of the dial itself; a little less serious and more fun sentiment this time around. Nonetheless, its movement of 15 lines in 18K Rose Gold is still richly serious in design, constructed in the purest horological tradition of F.P Journe with each lever and spring being mirror polished. A long autonomy of 80 hours’ worth of power reserve makes it possible to use the chronograph and the split seconds eff iciently after 2 days. We take our hats off to F.P Journe for taking the bold move to develop an entirely different concept from their usual path which is a huge risk. But the Swiss watch marque have pulled it off without affecting its brand name along the development, a true sign of ability and talent surely.

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