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Back in November 2017, The Grid was once again proud to host its readers and associates at an exclusively put together event of our own crafting, called ‘The Art of Gold’ at the AIRA Residence show gallery, up on Jalan Gelanggang. 

This special evening of refinement had all the usual elements expected from a Grid-styled event; fine food, pleasant entertainment and most importantly, great company. Raising the night into a league of its own, was the inclusion of a special and private exhibition of famous Korean artist, Kim Il Tae’s Gold Art Paintings. While our guests let their hair down with the good people from AIRA Gallery, each person was captivated by some of the pure, 24k gold paintings crafted by the famous Asian painter and sculptor, as his work was put on display all throughout the posh show unit.

A prominent artist in his own right, Kim Il Tae has had his work showcased at the premiere Saatchi Gallery in Europe. His work is influenced by themes from oriental philosophy and following decades of research and experimentation with many oil formulas, Kim Il Tae developed a unique technique of painting, sculpting and etching in 24 Carat gold on canvas.

Having held exhibitions in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Macau, he has gradually gained great critical acclaim as he is also now drawing significant attention in the USA following his interview in March 2015 in the New York Times. A recipient of numerous awards for his experimental artistic work, his Gold Paintings are collected by the singers Madonna and Psy, former UN General Secretary, Ban Ki Moon and Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt. While Mr. Tae was not present at this particular event with The Grid, we did however get a chance to interview the man himself in an exclusive, private chat, a chat that will soon come to video by end of Jan

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