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Within the current project books of Van Oossanen Naval Architects, we felt that these projects we have picked (amongst many others within their portfolio spanning multiple years) in showcasing their expertise and capabilities within the realm of naval engineering and architectural ingenuity, highly deserves mentions.

NedXplor 38

Enter the world of luxury exploration – with the NedXplor 38 – the brainchild birthed from the collaboration between world renowned Dutch yachting designers Van Oossanen and Omega Architects. As the 2nd part of the name implies, the NedXplor 38 is an explorer class luxury yacht, but of which is almost half the size of most current explorer builds today. The NedXplor 38 stands at 125 feet or 38 meters in length overall, and she’s envisioned to be every inch an explorer, as well as every inch a luxury yacht.

According to Perry Van Oossanen, head of the naval-architecture studio, the reason for the choice of sizing is to truly fulfill the NedXplor 38’s role as a true explorer yacht with capabilities to anchor close to coasts, enter small harbours, easy maneuverability and explorability – all which are attributes which an adventurous yacht needs. “Yachts in this size bracket can sometimes be overlooked, but this size of yacht is incredibly appealing for so many reasons,” says Perry van Oossanen.
The NedXplor 38 boasts a range of more than 5,000 nautical miles, at cruising speeds of 11 knots, with top speeds at 15.5 knots powered by Caterpillar engines. For those who needs a clearer gauge of how far this range is, imagine sailing from Phuket, Thailand to the Indonesian Archipelagos (as far as West Papua), then back to Phuket on a single tank. This is indeed a good range for exploration, and the magic that makes this all a reality? The combination of both Van Oossanen’s patented Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) and patented Hull Vane® underwater spoiler. This combination provides for at minimum, 30% fuel savings over comparable, traditionally hulled megayachts of her length overall. As an added option, when commissioning the build of the NedXplor 38, one could opt for an ice-classed hull as well as to choose the shipyard of choice.

Where the engineering designs of the NedXplor 38 are courtesy of Van Oossanen, the artform, aesthetics and space of both exterior and interior of the NedXplor 38 are courtesy of Omega Architects. On her exterior, there exists a refreshing take as the NedXplor 38 dons a futuristic design of a classical explorer, giving her that modern-classic appeal. Her forward superstructure profile allows for ample space at the stern section, which one could also then opt for a certified helipad in utilising the space. The interior of the NedXplor 38 will be as inviting as that of a traditional “white yacht”, with a play of full height glass windows in achieving the feeling of space vastness. Interior fixtures and fittings are customisable to taste. Other highlights of the interior would include a main-deck owner’s suite, amenities like a beach club and a gym, four guest staterooms below deck and accommodation for 7 crews. The NedXplor 38 was created with volume in mind, and she boasts volumes similar to the traditional yachts – with a 27ft 6in (8.4m) beam and half loaded displacement of 355 gross tonnes. And with the volume, the NedXplor 38 caters for 5 tenders at the aft deck.

Heesen Project Cosmos

Heesen Yachts recently announced the sale of Project Cosmos – which will be the world’s largest and fastest all-aluminium motor yacht with conventional propulsion at 262ft 7in (80.07 meters) upon completion in April 2022. Not only the length overall is the highlight of the achievement, but Project Cosmos also boasts of her interior volume of 1,700GT, making her roughly 60% larger than Project Falcon. Project Cosmos is expected to reach top speeds of up to 29 knots. From experience, 29 knots on a floating mega structure is quite a feat.

Now, in the yachting world, when you do come across words like fastest, efficient, comfort levels, you can be sure that it links back to the people at Van Oossanen. Having a proven track record working with (amongst many other shipyards) Heesen on various previous projects, it is to no surprise that Van Oossanen Naval Architects were chosen again for their expertise in the field of ship hull designs, hydrodynamics and performance. Project Cosmos will feature Van Oossanen’s patented Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF). Together with this patented hull design from Van Oossanen are quadruple 20V MTU engines – the winning formula for large, fast, comfortable and efficient mega yacht.

Other notable Heesen projects which has Van Oossenen Naval Architects footprints are Galactica Super Nova (70m), Galactica Star (65m), Home (49.8m) and others.  It is definitely worth meeting Van Oossanen Naval Architect’s representative, Niels Moerke during the upcoming SYS 2018 should you be intrigued in customising and designing your very own yacht.

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