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Trademark Italian Aesthetics Make Riva’s Dolcevita A Head-Turner

On the tides and winds of the Côte d’Azur two weeks back, Riva Yachts took the momentous opportunity alongside the Grand prix Historique, to pull the drapes off its latest flagship, the captivating Riva ‘110 Dolcevita, a stylishly built 34-footer flybridge. It was a typically classy scene by the French Riviera, as Riva representatives and their guests were all treated to the official showcasing of Riva’s new flybridge yacht.

With Monaco already buzzing with the vibes of the Monaco GP and its ensuing fanfare, Riva Yachts treated their friends and associates, between the 11th – 13th May, to a whole experience by previewing the Riva ‘110 Dolcevita to its very first guests. While we have yet to see it in the flesh, from the imagery you see here, one can already pick out its trademark Italian design flare. 

The Dolcevita captivates with its hull form characterised by a combination of aesthetic rigour and sportiness. Its a design enhanced by shaped glass windows and the subtlest chrome inserts. In particular, the expansive hull glazing with integrated portholes and the floor-to-ceiling windows that canvass the entire lenght of the saloon is another expressive emblem of Riva’s Italian craftsmanship.

The majestic Dolcevita flybridge sits berthed at over 33.5-metres in length and is simply a reflection of the era the flybridge symbolises- Italy’s famous past era of La Dolce Vita or ‘The Sweet Life’. To note, the ‘110 Dolcevita is also the result of a collaboration between Officina Italiana Design (a design house that exclusively designs the entire Riva fleet), the Ferretti Group’s Strategic Product Committee and the Riva Engineering Department.

“We chose Monte Carlo for its debut, because this is one of the most ‘Dolcevita’ locations in the world, and the Grand Prix Historique, which is an event where legends meet. ‘Dolcevita’ conjures up a dream-world that the Riva 110′, in all its splendour, personifies to perfection. It pays tribute to a wonderfully carefree period of history, brought back to life in a magnificent vessel that is the perfect synthesis of the traditional and the modern.” – Alberto Galassi, Ferretti Group CEO (second from right)

The yachts successful showing at Monte Carlo comes as no surprise. Riva is after all, a brand of Italian yachting heavyweights, Ferretti Group who helm such brands like Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama, Mochi Craft, CRN and Custom Line. With its Chinese treasure banks, Ferretti Group have done well to fund the R&D efforts at Riva and this has culminated in this stylishly built Riva ‘110 Dolcevita. 

While the Monaco GP and Grand Prix Historique buzz is all but settled, yacht owners and vintage car enthusiasts were all fascinated nonetheless by the whole spectacle, and for those who had the chance to admire the new ‘110 Dolcevita flagship at the Yacht Club de Monaco, they can no less attest to the sweetness of witnessing the premiere of a flybridge that will take not just propel Riva Yachts ahead in style, but also Italian craftsmanship at the same time.

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