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Our Recap Of The Eight Edition Of Singapore Yacht Show

Bar some demotivating weather conditions, it was great to return to Sentosa Cove for the eight edition of the Singapore Yacht Show (SYS) last week. We’ve been frequenting the annual event for the last few years and it’s always a joy to be in the presence of some of the region’s biggest and most lavish luxury yachts. Furthermore, it’s great to see the growing appeal of SYS among yachting connoisseurs from this side of Asia.

Even though this year’s yacht count was slightly lesser, (there were still 90 odd boats in total) it did not take away the event’s grand atmosphere. The lesser amount of yachts present also meant that there were marginally lesser visitors but, this was a good thing as it gave the crowd in attendance to experience the many yachts more closely. That’s why it was still a buzzing sight and to our mind, it was a great exhibition for anyone that loves the sea and/or harbors the dream of owning their own luxury yacht some day.

The more intimate atmosphere meant that we had a good time catching up with our friends from some of our favourite yachting brands like Ferretti, Princess, Benetti, Leopard and Heesen, whilst also meeting and learning about newer shipyards, like the good people from Absolute Yachts.

There were many yachts that attracted our attention, but the ones that really stood out were the Princess 75, Ferretti Yachts’ 780 Tai He Ban, the simply stunning Riva 76 Perseo and Leopard’s 43 sail catamaran. We also got to check out Absolute Yachts’ Absolute 58, which was charming in its own way. The Princess 75 was one of our favourites, because its layout and use of space was done in the most exquisite way, giving it a very pleasing sense of luxury.

One other yacht that we found very interesting was the Aquamarina, that was anchored at SYS under superyacht specialists, Burgess Yachts. It was a stunning boat that really captured the true essence of luxury seafaring in our eyes, simply because the owner worked with its builders, ISA Yachts from Italy to have different themes in its interior. There were rooms that were European in theme and others that expressed Asian design elements. 

And if that wasn’t the icing on the cake, we also had the rare chance at setting our eyes upon our first Heesen at SYS, the charming Lady Azul. We didnt get to board her however, but on just pure looks alone, she was one of the visual stunners at Sentosa Cove this round. The biggest yacht in attendance was none other than the 55-metre La Familia by Dutch shipbuilding masters, Amels Holland. We also got an exclusive opportunity to meet and get to know the custodians of Benetti Yachts a little closer, as they hosted us at their press dinner event. Here we got to understand the philosophies behind their craft and how thorough the brand is in pursuing perfection.

​As a whole, it was an event that brought together lovers of the yachting and luxury life. It’s definitely an exhibition that you should check out next year. In the mean time, we’ll be covering some of these yachts in separate features in the coming days, so expect some interesting details into these classy seafarers. 

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