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Another Leap Forward In Construction Progress For The 80-Metre Project Cosmos.

Heesen, the Dutch shipyard renowned for its custom yachts recently provided updates on its biggest assembly to date. Monikered Project Cosmos, the 80-metre all-aluminium superyacht’s hull and superstructure has been joined with four of its engines installed. It was an unprecedented feat that was made successful thanks to the crafts people of Heesen with their pristine organisation and their smart logistics management.

The 80-metre all-aluminium tri-decked superyacht is powered by four engines to total a whopping 19,000 horsepower. Cosmos’ sleek design was penned by renowned British studio Winch Design. Envisioned to be light, long, fast and strong, her design combines the world’s most advanced naval architecture with Heesen’s unparalleled engineering know-how. Project Cosmos will be capable of reaching speeds close to 30 knots and have an efficient cruising speed of 20+ knots.

Her 80-metre low-drag latest version of the Fast Displacement Hull Form, which sports Heesen’s patented “backbone” for longitudinal strength, took a total of 15 months of skilled welding before completion. After the weighing process, Cosmos’ hull was delicately transported onto a barge by two remote-controlled multi-wheelers, a process that once started, cannot be stopped. The barge was carefully ballasted for perfect stability in ensuring a seamless transition when transferring the weight of the hull.

The journey then proceeded with the barge traversing the canal to a quay large enough to carry out the lifting operations. Four of Netherlands’ largest telescopic cranes were utilised in lifting the hull from the barge and placing it in the water.

During this same operation, Cosmos’ unique propulsion system was installed within the hull. The propulsion system comprised of four engines and two gearboxes which further interacts with the variable-pitch propellers and the ultra-innovative Promas rudders. 

A project of cosmic proportions, the build of such magnitude required an epic collaboration with Heesen’s trusted suppliers with long-lasting relationships built over many years of loyal teamwork and operations of the highest standards.

Visuals: Heesen

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