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Pictures of the recently launched hull #814.

Representing one of the largest yachts ever built by Feadship, this 93 metre masterpiece was seen being towed in the morning of 19th October 2018 from the construction hall of the Feadship yard in Kaag, Netherlands. It was said that further commissioning works will be carried out in the months to come, including the addition of balconies and wing stations. The yacht will remain covered over the winter, only to be seen again in all her splendid glory in the coming spring.

This groundbreaking Feadship is said to set a new standard in luxury. With a generous beam of 14.10 metres, this Feadship will be voluminous. Working hand in hand with the experienced owners, Michael Leach Design has drawn an elegant and timeless exterior with breathtaking lines. Raymond Langton’s stunning interior is akin to a “beautiful and contemporary jewellery box”. 

Five years in the making, the owners with the help of Burgess assembled a world class build team. Scouring the globe for the finest and rarest minerals, she promises to redefine the boundaries of luxury yacht construction. One of a kind features include a two-deck IMAX theatre, a fully certified helipad with Jet A fuel, four VIP suites each with 8k TVs and facilities to cater to a wide range of sports including golf, basketball, volleyball and soccer amongst the many others.  

Do take a moment to run it all across your mind once more. It is to no surprise that they can carry such slogans as “There are yachts, and there are Feadships”…

The Owners were present at the launch and they have further commented, “We want to thank Feadship director Jan-Bart Verkuyl and everyone at Feadship for taking us on an amazing journey”.

Personally, this is not just an amazing journey, but rather fulfilling dreams. 

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